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Page 1 (Owls collected in the last few years - 800Kb in pictures)
Page 2 (More Owls collected in the last few years - 300Kb in pictures)
Page 3 (Owls found at the flea market in December 2002 - 150Kb in pictures)
Page 4 (Owls as the ideal Christmas present 2002 - 170Kb in pictures)
Page 5 (What you get when you ask) 100Kb
Page 6 (Flea market March) 200Kb
Page 7 (Flea market May) 120Kb
Page 8 (Flea market May/June) 60Kb
Page 9 (Presents from Ians Parents) 300Kb
Page 10 (Presents from Ians Parents) 60Kb