Project se505 - The idea

My current router (Zyxel B200) is far too boring and does it's job of routing but that's it. As I'll be upgrading my internet connection some time soon to a Dual IP plan I need a new router that supports multiple WAN ip addresses. So project se505 is born.

The se505 is a standard nothing special wireless router appart fron the fact that it runs on Linux and the hardware is simple to mod.
My plan is to modify the hardware to include 32Mb ram (Standard version has 8 or 16Mb), add a RS232 serial port and USB support.
Software wise I'll be loading DD-WRT mini or micro (I've gone over to xwrt) as the se505 only has 4Mb flash.

Project se505 - pictures - Hardware

Here's a picture with the ram already installed.
I was lucky the model I purchased was pre-modded with 32Mb.
and here's the USB daughter board note the 2 resistors (15K ohm) that act as a pull down for the data lines.
and finally the router PCB.