FAN BUS Controller

Spent a fairly wet day, trying to calibrate the flow sensor, it took sometime to find and fix all the leaks.
It looks as if the sensor gives about 800 per liter. It shouldn't be too hard to write a small routine that calculates the flow in Ltr/min based on the number of pulses in 10seconds.

Here's a picture of the test system:-

And here's a short video (2Mb) showing the controller in action

I think the next thing to do is get the fan regulator up and running.

Update 27.7.2005
I've gone over to using counter0 (Portd.4) which increments an 8bit value for each pulse. Using this reduced the code size and improved the accuracy of the flowmeter. I've recalibrated the code and am now at about 500 pulses per liter. It looks as if the interrupt routine (int0) I was using only saw every second pulse.

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