The idea

After getting married we used some of the money we got to buy new furniture, which Yvonne insisted on buying in IKEA. After building everything and modifying it to fit, I had several bits left over which I plan to use for this project.

All I need is a small box 45x45x15cm where I can hide the internet bits. Picture 1 is the first plan :-

And here are the bits I want to use for it:-

And this is what it looks like, I still need to tidy it up a bit/add the frame to hold the bits:-

I've added the frame to hold the electronics, and dumped the router and modem in it:-

I've also started working on the intelligent multiblock. One of the plugs can be switched On/Off with a 3volt signal, using an opto22 Z240D10 solid state relay.

The first part of the electronics is finished, I've installed 2 RJ45 plugs, a mains plug and wired up the multiblock

And on to part 2.