Tux Mouse Mod

After getting the Tux mouse for my birthday from the children, I decided to have a go at modding it. It is ideal for a LED mod as the back part is clear plastic. The first thing to do is dismantle it :o. So here is one dismantled mouse:-

The next thing to do is findout which pins from the PS2 connector go to where. We must now look for the 5v and ground.

pin function
1 data
2 (reserved)
3 gnd
4 +5v
5 clock
6 (reserved)

With my trusty Volt meter found that on my mouse pin 4 is the blue wire and pin 3 is the green wire.
All I now need to to is wire a LED in parallel and it should light. Note the 2 wires running across the PCB. I would recommend using the very thin wire you have as the space can be very tight!

The last thing to do is make a hole so that the LED can light the penguin in his liquid filled home.
And this is what it looks like :-

One thing you can't see in the pictures is that the LED is wired up in series with a 100 Ohm resistor, as the LED cannot cope with the 5 volt supply.

I think that TUX is much happier in his lit home - project 4 finished :)