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Project BlueWater - Page 5

The project wouldn't be complete without an intelligent controller that monitors/controls all the hardware.
The board consists of a Atmel Mega32,8 temperature sensors, A flow meter, an input for the res. level, 2 analogue outputs for FANs, a Blue LCD display with configurable backlighting.

The fan's are controlled by 2 PID controllers with user defined Setpoints and P,I,D values.
All inputs are "alarmed" with a user definable limits

Here's the controller board, it's about 12x10cm so it fits in a 51/4 drive slot.
The board is a single sided VERO board.

Here's the LCD display. At the moment the software isn't 100% finished but it's getting there.

For some reason my camera doesn't want to "see" the texts. When I get more time I'll try again.