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Project BlueWater - Page 4

After building a new res and cutting it to size, it's time to start the real tests. The first thing to do is clear out all the gunk thats collected in the rad/res. All I do is fill the system then switch on the pump but drain the water into a second tank until the water is gunk free.

The second test is just to see if the whole system is water tight. All you do is fill the system and leave it running for atleast 24hours the look for damp patches.

Here's the second attempt at a res. This time I spent abit more time cutting/sanding/gluing the perspex plates together.
The volume of the res. is now about 260cm3.
And here's a picture with the complete cooling system installed in the case. Note how the rad. is mounted in the bottom front of the case, with the pump behind it.
I picked up the CPU/GPU cheap on e-bay.