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Project BlueWater - Page 3

I've decided to build a new reservoir as the old one didn't quite fit. I'll be making it in the same way as the old one.
The reservoir consists of several pieces of perspex glued together (8 actually) with a large hole in the middle then 2 extra pieces glued on, that close off the hole on both sides.
It may not look very nice but the design is water tight and fairly simple to build using the limited tools have.

The reservoir is about 2cm thick, with 2 10cm holes drilled through all but 2 layers of perspex to give a volume of about 160cm3.
I've also done a test fit for the rad. It fits perfectly in a 51/4 drive bay. All I need to do is block off the top 3-4 bays so the air can only pass through the rad.
The bottom 4 bays can't be used for drives anymore as the rad is too thick but thats no a problem as the pumps going there anyway, along with the AVR controller that I started in project 12.