The reason

Up until now I have been using the SSCII servo controller for sero meets webcam. The SSCII is very good, but the problem I have with it is that it's hard wired, you can only drive servos.

What I want to do is provide a more general controller that can drive atleast 2 servos (for the webcam), atleast 2 digital outputs (one for the reset circuit for my router, which crashes once a week or so and a light in the garden) and atleast 1 digital input for a motion detector.

After digging around in the worlds largest handbook I came across the AVR range of processors from Atmel that seem to provide everything that I needed. The only problem is how do you programm them? After looking abit more I found that the company MCS produces a Basic compiler (called BASCOM), that provides the functionality that I need. The best thing about the compiler is that there is a full working demo that only compiles 2Kb of code, which is perfect for me as I plan to use the AT90S2313 which has 2Kb of flash ram on chip.
Purchased a AVR programming dongle and 6 processors (my circuit design is not the best, so it's better to have several spares) for about 30Euro and started to experiment.
Here are the results of the first tests. It works :)
Ok all it does is switch a LED on and off but thats a good start. Here are some pictures :-

And a short video(1Mb) of what is does

But as always Yvonne burst my bubble by asking one simple question - "And what can you do with it?", I think my answer was abit to much for her as she only said "oh".