AVR Webcam controller

The hardware actually can do alot more than I first planned. At the start I thought that driving 2 servos without them jittering was going to be hard but BASCOM makes everything so easy.

What I've learnt

1) 2Kb of program space is alot if you have a good compiler
2) It's almost impossible to kill AVR CPU's, I even plugged one in the wrong way round and it survived.
3) My soldering is not the best :)
4) Creating nice code (Sub routines with local variables) uses alot more space than global variables and gosubs/returns
5) Software should be planned on paper before the first key is pressed
6) BASCOM supports a large number functions directly (LCD,Servo,1 Wire bus, Interrupt Handlers, Keep alive watchdog, Programming from within the IDE)
7) The compiler handles alot of runtime errors for itself (set a not existing pin)
8) The command IF x THEN commands is alot smaller then IF x THEN GOTO
9) The Decr command uses alot less space than x = x - 1
10) I still have alot to learn

Here are some pictures :-

A picture of the board with hardwired I/O - top view

A picture of the board with hardwired I/O - view from the underside

The schematic

What I finally have is :-
1) True RS232 port transmit and recieve
2) 2 Servo controllers
3) 5 Digital outputs (5Volt , 20Ma max)
4) In Circuit Programmer

And heres a small video showing it in action. A small VB program sends the commands to the AVR to position the servos and switch the LEDS on/off.

If anyone is interested in a copy of the software mail me