The first use for the MEGA8515 talking to a ne2000 network card. Is an update for the webcam system. As the Mega cpu has alot more program/variable space I decided to go for a feature rich system.
It now supports the following:-
1) ATMEGA8515 cpu (thanks elektro-nix my supplier of Atmel CPU's)
2) NE2000 network card (thanks to David Manning for writing the UDP code)
3) 2 servo motors
4) 4 LEDS
5) A serial VFD display that I picked up on ebay.
6) And most of all thanks to Yvonne for putting up with me and my strange ideas

The schematic (When it's finished all make a new one)

A picture of the finished project

The mini camera mount

The ciruit board with the attached LEDs/Servos

The results can be seen on this page