XMail software

F-Prot Virus scanner

DownloadA pure perl implemenation of the F-Prot xmail virus scanner (The standard version requires an batch file to handle the copying/scanning to emails).
It requires F-Prot to be installed.
On finding a virus a message is written to a log file using the same format as XMail.

F-Prot Update routine

DownloadA pure perl implementaion of the F-Prot update routine, it supports logging to a xmail log file for updates and version information. No external programs are required.

Spam Assassin routine

DownloadThis software uses the spam assassin perl routines in API mode. The standard version of sa filter for XMail uses the sa batch file, which causes several copies of perl to run using quite alot of resources.
I have exended the code to support the dropping of emails, logging and sorting of mails into SPAM/HAM, possible SPAM/HAM for offline processing with the bayes filter.

Log file scanner
DownloadA updated version of the XMail scanner which supports the scanning of the log files created by the virus and spam filters.
I have also "improved" the sorting routines, a ip address to host name routine and a "old" file file deletion routine.

Links to the code are now active.