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8.11.2009Still no time to write anything here. I've got so much to do and so little time.I've got a second SE505 that I'm playing with that could be a new version of the webcam with a few twists....

19.7.2009Not written anything for a long time. But yesterday I got the Open-WRT siemens se-505 up and running as my main router.

2.5.2009The rebuild is now finished. The server has 4 2Tb drives in a RAID5 array, Q9550 cpu and 8Gb ram.

27.4.2009I've copied all the data from the old array onto an external USB harddisk and now I'm copying it back to the new array.
I imagine I'll be upgrading the sever over the long weekend.

26.4.2009The RAID5 array is now initalised. It took almost 18 hours to run!
All I've got to do now is workout how to transfer all the data from the old array to the new one (Floppy disk?:)

25.4.2009The RAID5 array on my server is starting to get abit full, so I decided to treat myself/the server to afew new disks.I'm currently building a new RAID 5 array with 3 WD 2Tb drives :)

29.3.2009Not done much this week, work/my health got me down this week. Maybe next week will be better.

22.3.2009I've finally got round to patching openwrt munin-node. I should be able to get the ip_ plugin working now:).

22.3.2009The search for a new box is going well. I've cut down a standard plastic box and cut the holes for the network/power.

15.3.2009I had to add afew extra packages to get my custom image running. It's now about 3Mb in size, but it's ready to go online sometime soon. I just need to find a new box for it.

7.3.2009OK everythings going well. My custom image is now about 2.5Mb and has the following packages installed:-
midnight commander,usb support,perl,munin-node,nano,xinetd.

6.3.2009After going round in circles for some time I've finally got x-wrt kamikazi up and running. The lan ports and wan port is swapped in the normal image on a SE505.

6.3.2009Just found a cool munin plugin that records the signal strength of the conncted client. I'll try importing/patching it tonight.

5.3.2009Found the problem. The extract script didn't set the correct file owner for the webif scripts. The scripts need the owner/group root and the suidbit set.

4.3.2009OK I can now create my own boot images, but for some reason / is being mounted without the suid bit grrrrr.

3.3.2009I've now installed open x-wrt. USB auto mounting is working aswell. I've also got perl and munin-node installed and running.

2.3.2009I've now installed open xwrt. USB is also working, serial is not working but it's a good start.

1.3.2009I think dd-wrt was the wrong choice for my router project. It looks as if I'm going to have to go over to open-wrt.

28.2.2009Finally got the USB working :)
Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs 2432 2432 0 100% /
/dev/root 2432 2432 0 100% /
/dev/mtdblock/4 832 336 496 40% /jffs
/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 979664 0 979664 0% /mnt

28.2.2009While soldering the router, I dropped it and one of the resistors fell off ripping one of the PCB tracks off. I'll have trace the broken track today to find where I can solder a small wire to repair the damage.

26.2.2009The router now has 32Mb ram, boots DD-WRT with USB/JFFS support enabled and the PCB is ready for the USB hardware mod. Maybe I can wire it up tonight.

22.2.2009Picked up a new "toy" today. I've just purchased a new router. It may not sound that interesting but as it runs Linux (dd-wrt) and is easy to hack (USB support, Extra Ram, Serial port) so I've got afew plans for this thing.

15.2.2009 Rewired the network plugs using the LSA+ insertion tool and wow, within 2 minutes I had the plugs finished and have a 1Gb network connection from my HTPC to my server.

14.2.2009 Upgraded the server to 8Gb ram. I don't really need 8Gb but for the price I couldn't say no.
I've now got 4Gb left over that I'll "share" with my other boxes.
I've also now got the LSA+ insertion tool, so I'll be trying to fix the network sometime this weekend.

7.2.2009 Still having problems with the second network connection. But I think I've found the reason. One of the pins on the plug in the server room network connection is broken and only sometimes makes a connection. I've ordered a new plug and a LSA+ insertion tool from ebay and next weekend I should be able to replace the whole thing.

6.2.2009 Finally uploaded pictures of my Myth Frontend.

1.2.2009 The wiring for the second network connection isn't working at the moment. I've got a feeling that I've wired up the plug incorrectly. Being colour blind doesn't help.

1.2.2009 I've uploaded the google rank/munin plugin to munin-exchange.

1.2.2009 The google rank/munin plugin is finished and I'll upload it to munin-exchange sometime soon.

31.1.2009 Finally finished off the network re-wiring. I still need to finish the plugs for the HTPC network connecion, but that shouldn't take too long. I just need to run the last 4-5 meters of cable and mount the plug.

18.1.2009 Started working on a munin plugin that grabs the google pagerank/word combination. The code works sort of but it still needs alot of work.

17.1.2009 Spent best part of the day rewiring part of my home network. The socket next to the tv has been abit sensitive for sometime. The network would just die for no reason, then come back by itself after afew seconds.

10.1.2009 Picked up a replacement Dinovo yesterday, installed it and it works!!! I've even got it working in GRUB :)

4.1.2009 Finally got the Dinovo up and running and one key (i) doesn't work. I'll bring it back to my supplier this week.

2.1.2009 Just installed my christmas present on me. A Sony 40W4000 40inch LCD TV and a logitec Dinovo mini keyboard. I'll update the pictures some time.

1.1.2009 Happy new year everyone.