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31.12.2004 nr 2. Just broke 5000 unique visitors to In 2004 I have over 2000 visitors, not bad for my corner of the internet.

31.12.2004 Looks as if the guestbook spam filter is working, last night someone tried to post some of this useless spam (3 times) and got hit by the 2 tries and your out code, and ended up trying to write insults aimed at me into the book.
Some people are so stupid. Oh and if you ever read this please learn to spell.

30.12.2004 nr2. Decided to do abit more on project 10, you can see the results here.

30.12.2004 I'm trying to update the spamfilter to use spamassassin version 3. It almost works I'm only have problems with the create_fulltext_tmpfile function. It should create a temp file and return the file name. At the moment it creates a file but it's empty, I'm not sure whats wrong, I can get the headers using the get_report function, I'm slowly getting stuck.

29.12.2004 nr2. I've added a SPF filter to XMAIL, I'm not sure if it'll help with spam but it's worth a try.

29.12.2004 Went to my PC supplier yesterday to pick up some bits for a PC that I'm upgrading for a friend, whilst I was there I saw a really lovely 17'TFT monitor from Acer, on asking what it costed they said 350CHF (About 230Euro).
I now have a 17'TFT on the water cooled AMD and the children have my old 15'.

26.12.2004 Looks as if Yvonne also reads this website. She gave me a robosapien for christmas, the only thing is I don't think she knows what plans I have for "der bub" as Yvonnes mother calls it.

23.12.2004 nr.2 OK, there won't be any news for afew days, so I wish everyone reading this a merry christmas and a happy new year.

23.12.2004 I really don't believe these spammers. Someone managed to spam the guestbook, it took they several attempts to find the weak link, no worries it's now fixed.
I'm thinking about adding an IP blocking routine, something like 2 tries then your out.

22.12.2004 Done abit more work on project 10, you know where you can see it.
This morning the temperature is -5.3c so I won't be working outside for a while.
Yesterday was a bad day at work, I got to put together a couple of systems for a customer, including a machine for USA, unfortunatly I forgot to check if the PSU was setup for 115 or 230 Volt and when I plugged it in, it turned into a NED (noise emitting device).

20.12.2004 Looks as if I won't be able to do anything on my projects for afew days. It's snowing and my workshop (balcon) is now -3c, too cold to work outside :<.

19.12.2004 A friend of mine came round and gave me an "old" computer. When I say old I mean really old (286-12MHz). Atleast I now have enough ISA bus plugs for the AVR controller for project nr. 10.
The mains and ethernet wiring is now in place, pictures coming.....

17.12.2004 Got back to work on project 10. The 240volt wiring is now finished, I'll start on the ethernet cables now and update the project page this afternoon when it's finished.

16.12.2004 Spent the last few days in Northern Germany. Atleast I has several hours in the train to think about a solution for guestbook spam. I think I have a solution, we'll have to wait and see if it works.

12.12.2004 I've done abit more work on the custom case (project 10). The internal frame is finished, I just need to drill some holes for the power point, network connection etc. The intelligent multiblock is also finished, I just need to build the avr controller that drives the multiblock. Some pictures are here.

9.12.2004 Decided to use the knowledge that I've picked up using GD:Graph and perl to produce a chart showing spam over the last x weeks. The results are here.

8.12.2004 Bloody spam, I seem to spend too much time dealing with email and guestbook spam. Email is sorted with spamassassin, I just need to do something for the guestbook.
Not done much in the last few days, work is getting me down, at the moment I have 5 projects I need to finish by Christmas and all of them are giving me problems.

1.12.2004 I think the world must be full of fools, alot of people find it really funny to send insults to the camera. Whats the point?

28.11.2004 nr 2.

Updated the project 10 page. You can see the results here.

28.11.2004 I should explain my comment from yesterday, I have a small job setting up a script for a company that has alot of data on a SQL server, and they want to produce graphs from it. At the moment this is done manually using EXCEL. One of the guys in the company knows me and asked if I could create something that they could install on their web server that would create the graphics automatically. Of course I said yes, what I didn't realise is that their server was running under windows (perl is installed). The usual way to create a graph in perl is to use GD::Graph but this module is not available in the activestate repositry. After a long search I found the theoryx5 repositry and was exstatic, and had to add something to my web page without thinking :)
Anyway the code is now finished, it's not even 200 lines long but it reads the required data from the SQL server, formats it and creates a graphic in PNG format, I'll install it on their server next week sometime. The old manual way used to take 3 hours man time once a week, so the data was alway "old", my script generates the graphics in "realtime" so the information is always uptodate. And the best thing about it is the payment "A good meal and all that you can drink for you and your wife".

27.11.2004 For all you running perl under windows, and a having problems finding a version of GD that works with activestate perl, go to ppm and add to the list of repositries. Then try install GDGraph. They have a large number of hard to find modules. To see what you can do with GDGraph go here. This page is generated in real time by perl :)

24.11.2004 Not had much time to do anything interesting in the last few days, spent too much time at work. The only thing I've done is add the gallery to the site menu.

21.11.2004 I'm working on the custom case the my internet things. I'll upload a new project to the server tonight. I hope to have the cable modem, wireless router/firewall and a AVR cpu that switches the modem off/on when it crashes and a multiblock to power it all in it. I think this is project number 10.

20.11.2004 nr4. The camera is back on line. It only took afew minutes with a soldering iron to fix. I'll have to find a better way to mount the camera.

20.11.2004 nr3.

All the movement on the camera has finally broken the USB cable, I'll fix it this evening.

20.11.2004 nr2. Just hit 40,000 workunits for seti, not bad for one man and his PCs.
Name (and URL) fref
Results Received 40001
Total CPU Time 23.710 years
Average CPU Time per work unit 5 hr 11 min 32.8 sec
Average results received per day 20.06
Last result returned: Sat Nov 20 14:43:30 2004 UTC
Registered on: Sun Jun 6 09:26:29 1999 UTC
SETI@home user for: 5.464 years

20.11.2004 Oh first snow this winter.
The P4 is finished and the guy will pick it up this evening. ;(

19.11.2004 I've now disabled HTML in thr guest book, too many people have spammed in the last few days.
Had a very hard week at work. I've been working on a tool that generates the PLC code/Documentation for our machines. The code is almost finshed, it's now in the test/improvement/optimisation phase.

18.11.2004 I love the Philips HDRW720 HD-Rec.You know how if is, you're watching a program and someone (wife,girlfriend,children etc) has something really important to tell you, in a normal world you'll miss part of the film, with the HD recorder all you have to do is press pause (eventhough you're watching it live) and when the nuisence is gone you can just press play. The recorder continues playing from where you pressed pause and continues to record the live signal at the same time. I think this function is called "Time shifting", even though I've heard of it before I didn't realised how usefull it is.

15.11.2004 Installed to Philips HDRW720 HD-Rec last night, just wired it up, did a sender search and went to bed. It's now found 61 channels all I need to do is change the order so they're the same as the TV. One thing that supprised me was the user manual, the German version is almost 1cm thick.

14.11.2004 I've banged some pictures of the new P4 system onto the net here

13.11.2004 Started building the super box. What I should have said is that I'm building it for someone else.
I've got the feeling that the burn in testing might take some time :)

12.11.2004 Another evening in IKEA, what Yvonne didn't tell me was that they are open till 10pm.
Before visiting the torture shop we went along to my local PC shop to pick up the rest of a PC that I ordered. I've now got PC work this weekend. It's a really nice box :- P4 3.2GHz, 1Gb DDR2 ram, 2xSATA Hard disks, DVD burner, and the best of all an ATI X800XT Graphic card with 256Mb ram.
From what I've heard there are about 10 of these graphic cards in Switzerland, so I'm a lucky camper :).

10.11.2004 Yvonne is starting to get really high tec. I've noticed that the internet connection was very busy in the last few days. It took me some time to find out what was causing it, in the end it turned out to be Yvonne who has learnt that you can listen to music per internet radio....

9.11.2004 The virus sender from ( is really starting to piss me off, another 5 copies of w32/ today. If they would atleast send a different virus it would be nice. I know that the scanner works for this virus, but what about other ones?

8.11.2004 First day back at work after 3 weeks holiday, now thats hard.
Someone from keeps on sending me virus emails, 28 in the last few days.
I've decided to solve all my cable problems around the TV by using the "rest" of the IKEA furniture to build a custom case to hold the router,firewall,modem and a AVR controller that switches the router/modem OFF then ON when the internet connection dies. I'll post some pictures when I get abit further.

7.11.2004 Had a nice weekend, only did abit of programming for the gallery board and picked up a new DVD recorder yesterday (Philips HDRW720 HD-Rec. 80GB) but I can't be bothered to install it at the moment, It'll involve fighting my way through the cable salad behind the TV.

5.11.2004 nr2. After finished building/repairing the IKEA sideboard that we bought yesterday I was allowed to work on the Gallery program. The code is not almost finished, I just need to tidy up the code/add a admin interface. You can see the results Here.

5.11.2004 People who know me, know that I spent quite alot of time working in Sweeden, and I actually came to like the Sweeds. I'm now starting to miss trust them as a nation, yesterday we went shopping for new furniture and ended up in IKEA, in the real world the shortest distance between A and B is a straight line, in the IKEA world the shortest distance between A and B involves going through C,D,E and F were C,D,E and F are the bathroom, kitchen, childrens and some other department. For women this might be the ideal way to shop (you always see something new going from A to B) but for a man this is the second worst punishment there is (I won't say what the worst is, it's to horible to describe, all I can say is that it involves a large liquid lunch of a beerish nature and a rubber band).
The torture doesn't stop there, if you buy furniture the man is then forced to "decode" the instructions on how to build this strange Swedish contraption (a cupboard) and no matter how hard your try atleast one hole is in the wrong place.
Yesterday was a non computer day, I rest my case....
Do the Sweeds really buy everything in IKEA or is IKEA the Sweedish word for "reject shop"?

3.11.2004 I've got GD up and running creating "on the fly" thumbnails of the gallery, the only problem is that it doesn't like all the jpeg files I've got. It doesn't seem to matter where they came from,size or anything like that, it appears to be totally random.
I'm now looking at using magick, I've found the reason I was having so many problems getting it to install - my perl installation is too new :)

2.11.2004 nr2. I've got problems installing magick so I'm currently trying the perl module GD which should do what I want.

2.11.2004 It'll take abit longer to get the gallery code up and running, I need to add a routine that saves thumb nails of the images in the database. I've already downloaded a perl/jpg routine that uses Image-Magick to generate pictures, but the code needs to me integrated into the script.

1.11.2004 We've made it back to basel, with luggage that was almost 20Kg over the limit and 150Mb in digital pictures and a small perl based gallery program that I wrote by the pool. I'll bang the best pictures/program onto the server this week.

28.10.2004 I'm still alive, just the internet access is almost dead, at the moment 4 people are sharing a normal modem (56Kb), it's so slow that it's not even worth trying to do anything, you'll have to wait for next week.

22.10.2004 Finally got FTP access. I now know why I married yvonne, she packed my portable to take with us on the honeymoon. Now thats real love. You can see the result here.

18.10.2004 OK bye all, we're now packed and off in the honeymoon. If I get FTP access from somewhere I'll update the site from the hotel. If not you'll have to wait.....

17.10.2004 Yvonne is now packing, unpacking throwing things out (my shirts) packing her dresses and getting very excited (we're going tomorrow).
I've not had any time to do any HTML hacking this weekend. I'll have a go when I get back.

16.10.2004 The wedding went really well, the reception was a sucess, everyone had enough to eat and drink. We finally got to bed at about 2:30 in the morning (Nothing with wedding night). I've banged some pictures onto the server here but they're not sorted/edited.

15.10.2004 The big day, I'm now starting to get abit nervous, Yvonne spent most of the night playing mahjong as she couldn't sleep.
I'll make sure I bang some pictures onto the site this afternoon.

14.10.2004 Only one day to go, Yvonne is getting very nervous.

12.10.2004 Everything is back to normal, the provider has got all the problems solved, I'm happy now and can get married.

11.10.2004 nr2. I'm still having some problems, some pages don't appear to resolve correctly, I've found the problem and am working on it.

11.10.2004 The DNS problems are slowly being sorted out. WEB is now working 100%, email is still going through a redirection service so I still need to manually transfer mails. For all of you who visited me last weekend and ended here, I have nothing to do with this man.

10.10.2004 The Open House went really well, we had atleast 50 guests, who drunk 20 liters of beer, 8 bottles of champagne, 4 bottles of wine.
The DNS for planet-ian is still screwed, I think I'm going to move all my domains over to no they have a nice web interface to the DNS data.

9.10.2004 I'm now really pissed off, it's Saturday morning and the DNS is still screwed up. I'm getting to the point where I'm looking for a new DNS provider.

8.10.2004 nr2. It's a real strange feeling, being cut off from the rest of the world. I've not received a single email in almost 2 days, hello is there anyone out there, has the world ended and I've not been informed.

8.10.2004 Things are not going too well. The MX record change in the DNS server has caused all sorts of problems. The DNS server no longer recognises as being a valid domain. The tech. guys are working on it at the moment.

5.10.2004 Due to a network redesign at my ISP, it looks as if I'll be getting a new IP address on thursday (7.10.2004). I'm unable to find out what IP number I'll get until then, so email/active web pages will be down for a day or so, until all the webpage are updated and the DNS records are updated.

26.9.2004 1) I'm still having problems with the VFD on the webcam, it looks as if I have a dry joint somewhere.
2) I still need to get the statefull inspection filter up and running on the Zyxel.
3) Things are almost ready for the "open house" on the 9th October, we're expecting between 60 and 100 guests,it'll be a very busy day :).

26.9.2004 1) I'm still having problems with the VFD on the webcam, it looks as if I have a dry joint somewhere.
2) I still need to get the statefull inspection filter up and running on the Zyxel.
3) Things are almost ready for the "open house" on the 9th October, we're expecting between 60 and 100 guests,it'll be a very busy day :).

25.9.2004 nr3. YES I've finally got the Zyxel Air 2000 up and running. The problem was that port forwarding from within the local network to the server over the external IP address didn't work. The solution is as follows :-
1) Login to the router over telnet
2) Go to the maintanance screen
3) Go to the command prompt
4) Enter the command sys edit
5) Insert a new line with the text ip nat loopback on
6) X for exit
7) enter exit to leave the command line mode
8) Reboot the router and it's done.
Don't bother looking in the manual, you won't find it. It took me several weeks to find out how to set and save the nat loopback function.

25.9.2004 nr2. Looks as if I have a problem with the VFD on the camera controller. It stopped working until I wiggled the wires abit, and then it started displaying text again. Looks as if I need to get the soldering iron out :)

25.9.2004 Added afew bells and whistles to the DBM reporting routine. The results are Here

20.9.2004 I've not done anything with perl for awhile so I decided to write a small routine that reads information from the database that the spam and virus filters create. The results are Here

19.9.2004 nr2. The wiring around the TV is now finished, it only took about 3 hours and Yvonne only made 2 comments about hovering when I'm finished.

19.9.2004 Didn't get much done yesterday, atleast the DVD recorder is installed and programmed, it took longer than expected due to the a rats nest of cables that ran from the TV to the old DVD player, antenna socket and the Firewall, gateway, cable modem, wireless access point, and the associated main plugs/transformers. In the end I've removed almost 20meters of cable that wasn't really needed.
I plan to finish the wiring mod today by installing cable trunking and if I have any time left over I'll have another go at the Zyxel :)

18.9.2004 Yvonne's visiting friends today so I'll time to do all the things I've been wanting to do all this week, after I've built a new shelf and tidied up the office as Yvonne wants :).

12.9.2004 Just noticed that the virus scanner has blocked several emails with the js/ifromot.a virus. Thing is I can't find any info about it. Does anyone have a web page with more info?

11.9.2004 nr.2 Went shopping with Yvonne, I try and avoid it if I can but this time she insisted that I come along and buy new cloths for the wedding. After 5 Hours I had new trousers, shirts and a DVD recorder (you know the sort of thing, plug it into your TV and antenna and record your favourite TV programs onto DVD).

11.9.2004 I'll have another go at getting the Zyxel to work this weekend.
This week I spent some time playing with the Spamassassin rules and have finally got the RBL lookups working. My next goal is to write a SPF patch, it won't help my fight against spam much but every bit helps.

5.9.2004 Spent several hours fighting the Zyxel (Router,Wireless,Gateway,Firewall) only to find out that it's dead. On switching it on it makes a nasty buzzing noise and the wlan stops working. Looks as if I'll have to return it, hopefully my supplier will give me a new one :)

31.8.2004 I've just found a pure perl version of nbtstat, I'm thinking about patching it into the virus filter, so that the script can try to get the computer name of the virus sender.

22.8.2004 Just picked up a new firewall/gateway Wlan box, to replace the USR that I've need using for the last few months. So if the camera/some links aren't working, please try again later.

21.8.2004 Changed the ftp server used in the f-prot update routine to point to The one I was using was alot quicker, but it looks as if it went down several days ago.

15.8.2004 Just hit 4000 unique visitors at, not bad for my corner of the internet.

13.8.2004 nr.2 Just came across this, warning it's a real time waster

13.8.2004 Finally got round to make the last few changes to the UDP webcam, it should now be alot more stable. I found a small problem with the SUN java runtime routines, the fix isn't too hard, but it involved changing how the UDP packet should be decoded.

10.8.2004 The pure perl F-Prot update routine is online. Go to the xmail page if you want a copy. The zip also includes the module FTPMirror that I've written to encapsulate the code for downloading files by FTP.

7.8.2004 I've had several emails about the wedding invitation, and the designer, so Here's a link to some of the cartoons that I have.

6.8.2004 My new portable is up and running, the only problems I have is that the harddisk is partitioned as one big drive and the onboard WLan doesn't work. The Wlan problem appears to be with XP. Using compaq wl100 card works so it's not a major problem.

2.8.2004 nr2. The pure perl f-prot update routine is now finished, I'll run the code for afew days then update the web links.
The wedding invitations are on their way, if you are invited you'll get one in the next few days :)

2.8.2004 The pure perl f-prot update routine is working. All I need to do is get a zip uncompression routine working then it's finished.
I've seen that there's a perl module called Achive::Zip, I'm not sure how it works but I'm looking into it

1.8.2004 Went shopping yesterday and picked up a new portable. I've been looking around for a while as my current one is getting very long in the tooth. After looking at serveral models I decided on getting a Siemenns Amilo (Centrino 1.6GHz, 512MB ram,60Gb HD, DVD burner, Wlan). The only thing was the price..
After some discussions with the salesman, I managed to get a 12.5% discount for cash, so the bank is now 2200SFr lighter and I have a new family member :). OK the money I saved went on a new logitec mouse, USB to serial converter and 100CD's (I never seem to have any CD's even though I buy 100 every 6 weeks (Pascal might know something about this)). All I need to do is get everything installed now, which is a major job

31.7.2004 Started working on the F-Prot update routine, after about an hour of programming, I can open an FTP connection, read the required directory, decode the symbolic link that points to the current version. All I need to do is add a check if the file exists locally and it not download it from the server, and thats where the problems start.....

27.7.2004 Spent the weekend in France, alot has changed since my last visit, no pictures as yet as I forgot the camera.
The F-Prot update routine won't be that easy, upto now I've been using the wget in mirroring mode to only download newer files. The problem is that the name of the zip file on the server changes for each version. I'll have to look at writing something in pure perl to read the ftp directory and then decide if there is a new version.

23.7.2004 nr2. Just picked up the wedding invitation cartoon and here is is, warning it's 250kb in size

23.7.2004 By chance I came across This, it would make a great present for a child or me. I might try to get hold of one to hack together with an atmel cpu :)

21.7.2004 I've found the problem with the virus scanner, Even though the virus definition file was upto date, it didn't find the virus because I was running F-Prot version 3.14bla bla bla. I'll update the virus update script to also check the version of F-Prot itself.

20.7.2004 Had a hard day at work, fighting the windows. Why does microsoft use internet explorer for everything?
When I got home things where just as bad, for the first time in six months a virus got through the server, and almost managed to install itself on the AMD. Luckly the virus scanner on the AMD blocked it. I'm not sure why the update routine for F-PROT has stopped working, I'll have to look into it.

18.7.2004 nr3. Fixed the bug, it actually turned out to be an error in the code that calculated how much data should be read from the UDP packet. I can now hopefully start on something new.

18.7.2004 nr2. There's still a small bug in the VFD code, but it looks as if it's a bug in Bascom, the mid$ function doesn't appear to respect the end of string flag.

18.7.2004 The scrolling code for the VFD attached to the webcam is now working. It took alot longer than I thought due to the fact that I ran out of ram and had to rewrite quite abit of code.

17.7.2004 Spent yesterday in Bern at the British consulate. I finally have all the paperwork that I need to get married. It's only taken 3 1/2 months and about 200 telephone calls.
I now have my "Ledigkeitszeugnis" which a nice Swiss official, translated into english as a "Certificate of Singularity". Anyone who knows me knows that I am unique, but I never through I needed to get a certificate to prove it:)

15.7.2004 The bug in the VFD scoll routine, took me sometime to find. It turned out to be a buffer overflow (With only 512bytes of ram thats not hard). I'll download the new code tonight sometime.
The wedding plans are coming along slowly, you wouldn't believe how much paperwork is involved, anyway I almost have everything that I need. I'm going to the British consulate tomorrow to get the last document :)

12.7.2004 Found a small bug in the scrolling routine for the VFD controller. I'll need to change the code, again.....
At the moment work is really hard so the updates to this site might be abit limited for the next few weeks :(

11.7.2004 Made a small change to the webcam code, if the message is longer than 20 characters, the software will now scroll through the message. Thanks dean for the idea.

8.7.2004 Found a small mistake in the schematic for the UDP controller. SMEMR should be connected to 5volt, I'll change the schematic when I've got time.

2.7.2004 Not written anything about spamassassin for a while. I have actually forgotten all about it, it must be doing it's job really well:) Looking through the logs I seem to be getting about 1,000 emails per week, 90% of them are spam, and only 1 spam email per week gets through to me, so yes it's doing it's job very well :)

27.6.2004 Sammi had been having a problem with her home PC(which I built and therefore responsible for). Under XP when you do a shutdown the machine it reboots. Spent several hours trying things until I found what it was:-
If you are running XP and have this version of the drivers installed, deinstall them now, XP works without them and is alot more stable

25.6.2004 nr.2 Just seen that I have now completed 29,000 seti work units

25.6.2004 No updates to this page for a week, that must mean that I'm back at work......
QDCam has hit a small problem. I can grab pictures from the camera aslong as the desktop is not locked. I found that this is a limitation of VFW, looks as if I'l need to go over to using DirectShow/Active Movie which is alot harder to use than Video for Windows.

20.6.2004 nr2 I've called the webcam server QDCam it'll do for now. I've created a web cam Here to show how it's getting along.)

20.6.2004 Yvonne spent the weekend in Stutgart, so the weekend turned into a code hacking weekend. As I said I'm not happy with what the programmer of HCam did, so I am writing my own. Most of the code is working (Read image from camera,HTTP web server), all I need to do is :-
   tidy up the code
   modify/write a nice java script to read/display images
   Add code for the servo controller
   add code to register users on my webpage
   Create some nice icons
   and lastly find a good name for it. If you have an idea let me know.:)

19.6.2004 The stitches are now out, and I'm feeling 100% better. I had to wait along time before the doctor saw me, He was having problems with his PC. Turned out to be a SASSER infection. All I did was pull out my virus CD (I always carry it with me), disinfected the PC's in the office, and then they took the stitches out :)
In the last couple of days my portable has been getting abit sick. Sometimes the display is really dark, other times it's really light and today it started smoking! After shutting it down and opening the case I found the problem, the poti that controls the brightness of the display was full of fluff/dirt, after cleaning it (which took sometime) I can say that it works again, but I'm not sure how long. I'm not complaining it has lasted several years (I've had it for 4 years now, and it was old when I was given it (Thanks Arent)). So it looks as if some of the wedding money will be put to a very good use- a new portable :)

14.6.2004 Just hit 300 visitors this month last night .
Other people in the house have also complained about the thief. It appears that a gang has taken over our area. They've even gone as far as mobbing an old man.

12.6.2004 The thief has been found. It planet-ian we have a very strict set of laws, and one of them(which I have just made up) is that if you are caught stealing, you'll be eaten. More details when queenie has caught/executed the thief.

11.6.2004 I appear to have a thief at I use the balcony as my work area, and in the last few days, things have been vanishing. Nothing really valuable, just some LEDs, multicoloured ribbon cable, only small things but it's a pain when you need something and it's gone.

10.6.2004 nr2 Found a small bug in the camera code, that caused the VFD display to blink when the CPU is idle. I'll upload to code sometime today.

10.6.2004 The documentation is coming along very slowly, everytime I give it to someone (you know who you are) to read, they find something else that needs to be improved/better explained.
I am already thinking about the next project, I imagine it will be a LCD status display built into a 5 1/4 PC drive slot. It's part one(Passive, Display only) of the fan controller project.

7.6.2004 Just hit 200 visitors this month. Looks as if the webcam is a success. For all the people who have asked,I plan to finish off the documentation in the next few days, it's turning out to be harder than I thought.

6.6.2004 Back home, everything went very well. I'm feeling 100% better than before
When I switched on the portable I got a suprise, SetiSPY sent me a congratulations as I have been crunching for 5 years now. The stats are :-
28,850 work units completed
19.486 years of CPU time
4035'stl position out of 5021178
Not bad for one man and his CPU's

3.6.2004 Off to hospital now so I won't be able to update the site for the next few days, wish me and most of all the doctors luck.

2.6.2004 nr2 The new software is online, the logging routine to the server is now working correctly. The inactivity timer now resets the servos and VFD to defaults after 3 minutes. I'm still having problems with the java code, but I'm working on it.

2.6.2004 Wow 50 visitors in the last 12hours, The UDP/AVR webcam seems to be pulling them in. I'll take the camera down sometime today for a software update, I've found several bugs that only occur when multiple users are active.
Only 24 hours until my next hospital visit, I hope the doctors get it right this time.

1.6.2004 The new webcam controller is online. The results are Here, and the project page Here.

30.5.2004 Finally got the VFD working with the AVR. I had to build a MAX232 converter as the display expects a RS232 signal (+- 12Volt) but the AVR has TTL levels (0Volt,+5Volt). Hopefully I can get it finished before I got to hospital.

28.5.2004 Just got a new delivery of CPU's. I can finally test the new webcam controller. It consists of a MEGA8515 cpu, NE2000 network card, a micro webcam, a serial VFD and 2 servos built into a perspex case. I'll test it this weekend, and document it next week.

27.5.2004 The programmer of HCAM, has just played a nasty on me and all the other users of the great software. The software displayed an error message that the software is about to expire, and you need to install a new version. I did that as requested and now, if you want to use all the functions, you need to pay a yearly fee. I've got nothing against paying for software, but people should be informed before hand, rather than sneeking up from behind and trying to grab your wallet.

24.5.2004 Spent the day playing with perl. I've written a log file cleaning tool, not very hard but it saves time.
Double points for anyone that can explain what this command does:- $Path =~ s/\\/\//sgi;

22.5.2004 Things are really silly here. I've just hit 50 visitors in 24 Hours and all of them have played with the camera.
For everyone who's asked me how it works I'm working on a page that explains everything. I just need to explain my notes/diagrams to Yvonne so that she can make something human readable out of them.

21.5.2004 nr2 Looks as if I need to add a rude word filter to the messaging part of the webcam. Someone (you know who you are) Spend the last 10 minutes bombarding the webcam with rude words. Luckly the VFD is not yet visible.

21.5.2004 Since uploading the patched java script (12Hours ago), I've had 50 visitors to my site (user interaction is everything).
The only problem is that the servo's are quite loud and keep me awake at night :)
I'll have to have a look into making them abit quieter.

20.5.2004 nr2 I've updated the camera web page, it's now using a patched version of the HCam java script. The results are Here.

20.5.2004 Finally got the java code to do what I want. Hopefully I've get the new batch of MEGA8515's that I ordered next week so I can finish build and install the new UDP-servo controller.
Health is slowly getting worse, I am starting to have problems walking, the 3th June can't come soon enough.

18.5.2004 I had another appointment with the doctors today. They have decided the only solution is to operate again (Third time).

14.5.2004 Updated the xmailstats script. I found a small bug in the DNS lookup routine that was sometimes chopping the last character of IP address off.

13.5.2004 Still having problems with JAVA, I can now send and receive data from the command line using java, but it won't receive from within a browser.
During my search I can across this site, the guy has put together a nice page on how to get the microsoft compiler for java up and running with only a 800Kb download.

11.5.2004 Back off work again, the my body has now rejected the net on the left side, which is very painfull. The doctors are trying an injection into the nerve, but if that doesn't work I'll be chopped up again.
Does anyone have good examples for sending data by UDP from java/javascript. Mail me if you do.

7.5.2004 Took the day off work to play with my secret project, and it works finally:)))
I can now finally say what it is (drum roll please...)
I have got a AVR CPU talking to a network card (NE2000). At the moment it only supports UDP and packet sizes up to 128bytes (due to ram) but it means that I remove the serial cables that I currently use the commumication with the AVR CPU's I have at home, and believe me I have several. I'll create a full web page soon to document it.

4.5.2004 Had another appointment with the doctors today, the left side is still causing problems. The doctors don't know what the problem is, hopfully it won't take as long as the last time.

2.5.2004 I'm very happy, the server coped with the load of over 400 emails in 8 hours yesterday.
I have finally got the sorting routines for Xmailstats working.
The code is now online on the xmailstat page Here.

1.5.2004 Looks as if the DNS change has reached My gmx email account (which redirects to my account) has been hit by 230 emails in the last 3 hours.

30.4.2004 The changes are slowly spreading through the internet. Some DNS servers still have the old information but I'm back online :)

29.4.2004 The new DNS servers are installed, just waiting for the hoster to update the DNS records for them to point to the new IP address. One good thing about the outage, no spam for 3 days :)

27.4.2004 Just found out whats happened. The server room where the DNS servers for and about 5000 other domains live has gone up in flames. The company is trying to get everything back online by tomorrow.

27.4.2004 The DNS problem is getting worse, no one seems to know whats wrong.

25.4.2004 Spent the weekend in France, we new have electricity in the bedroom :o.
While I was working Yvonne spent the time looking at what wallpaper she wants.
Looks as if there are some problems with the domain server for, several websites (ebay +gmx) have stopped sending me emails, the DNS guys are looking into it.

17.4.2004 Just hit 3500 hits for
Added a new page for the scripts that I have written/modified for XMail.

16.4.2004 I've made few more modifications to the virus scanner/log file reporting programms. The results from the spam log aren't what I expected. Apart from the spams that are coming through my gmx address there does not seem to be any pattern as to were the mails are coming from. I was hoping to use a RBL to improve the spam blocking but my results show that it won't be worth it.

All the software I have used for scanning emails (virus/spam/logging) were created under the GPL so I'll be creating a web page where people can download my mods.

8.4.2004 I've rewritten the virus scanner using perl to do the preperation/blocking of emails. At the sametime I added reporting to the log file scanner. You can see the results here.

3.4.2004 Got abit bord and decided to write a log file scanner for Xmail. Found a script that did most of what I wanted, apart from reading the spam logs, so I added it. You can see the results Here.

28.3.2004 The secret project is coming along very slowly, I am having major problems with the MEGA8515 cpu's, it looks as if I'll have to do some more work on the reset hardware, they keep on resetting at random or don't start when the power is applied.
And now for something different:-

IT'S OFFICIAL. ME AND YVONNE HAVE DECIDED TO GET MARRIED. The big date is the 15th October 2004.

20.3.2004 Not had much time to do things this week, so no real news.I am currectly getting about 100 emails per day. 70 spams, 10 virus emails and the rest are real emails.In the last 7 days only 3 emails were not marked as spam, when they should have been. I'm very happy with the results :)

13.3.2004 Survived the first week back at work, so much to do so little time.Spamasassin is doing so well at catching spam that I have modified my xmail/sa filter so that it deletes emails with a spam level of more than 12. I'm now only getting about 4 spams per day :)

8.3.2004 First day back at work, I'm only work about 50% at the moment, but it's better than nothing. I won't have much time to update the web site in the next few days :(

5.3.2004 Just got a box of MEGA8515 CPU's, and have spent the rest of the afternoon trying to program them. In the end I found that I need to use the "auto flash" option to program the chip and the "fuse bits" need to be set for an external crystal, then it works. I'll add more more information later when I understand exactly what the fuse bits are.

4.3.2004 The update routine for the virus scanner is finished. It wakes up at 3am, downloads the 2 files required (using wget), extracts them using pkunzip and copies them to the f-prot directory. I should now be safe from viruses, even when I am on holiday.

3.3.2004 number 2 The virus scanner is now integrated into XMail, any emails containing a virus are not accepted by the server :) All I need to do is get an auto update routine for the virus definition files for F_Prot DOS. A simple batch file with wget/pkunzip should do the trick.

3.3.2004 The Bayes filter in spamassassin is now up and running (you need atleast 200 ham mails before it activates). In the last 12 Hours I recieved 30 Emails 26 of which were spam, and spam assassin marked 25 of them as spam. It's looking good :)

2.3.2004 number 2 In the last 24Hours the email server has recieved over 30 virus emails, looks as if I need to install a virus scanner in xmail. I have already found an interesting script that uses F-Prot DOS to scan mails. I'll try it today.

2.3.2004 The stitches are now out. One of them had burried himself into the cut and was causing all the problems.

1.3.2004 Just hit 3000 unique visitor and 3355 visitors in total. Not bad for my corner of the internet :)

29.2.2004 Bascom AVR arrived by email yesterday, I can now get started on my new project. More information later (if and when it works :). Getting ever closer to 3000 unique visitors to, not bad in 2.5 years. Health not changing much, the scar tissue is still spreading but slowly.

25.2.2004 Ordered a full version of Bascom AVR today. Even though it looks as if nothing is happening on the project front, things are happening in the background. Wait of the next update....

22.2.2004 number 2 PHP is now up and running. All I had to do was install the latest version of apache, and manually copy some DLL's into the correct directories.

22.2.2004 Still can't get PHP up and running, from what I've read it looks as if I have to update apache to a newer version :<

21.2.2004 number 2 Yvonne noticed that my cactus is flowering. Is this a good or a bad sign? Go over to the webcam and have a look.

21.2.2004 Still no change health wise, doctor told me to wait and see.I'm starting to love tightVNC I made several software changes to the server including installing PHP, while sitting on the toilet (toilet visits take a long time at the moment). Spamassassin is doing OK at catching spam (60-85%) but it is still not using the bayes filter (not enough ham).So if you've got nothing to do send me an email that I can class as ham :)

18.2.2004 Back home from the hospital. The doctors have had to remove the net that they installed as I appear to have an allergic reaction. Hopefully I get better now. Installed tightVNC on the server so that I can work on it while laying down in the living room.

15.2.2004 Made a small change to the perl script that calls spam assassin. It now saves a copy of the email (without the sa headers) in a ham or spam directory so that I can feed the results into the bayes filter at a later date. At the moment the bayes filter is only learning from the extreme spam/ham (spam score > 10, ham < 0.1). With this update I'll still have to manually check the ham/spam saved into the directories, but it should go alot quicker now.

14.2.2004 The doctors have let me go home over the weekend, but I have to do back on sunday evening as the operation will be on monday morning. Wish me luck :)

12.2.2004 Going back into hospital tomorrow :( Changed some of the weightings for the Spam assassin rules and now it catches about 85-90% of the spam without any false positives. The bayes filter is still learning and is not yet active in the selection process.

10.2.2004 Another doctors appointment today. They have decided to cut me open again. Finally got Spam Assassin working on my server. Every incoming mail is passed to a small perl script that passes it through spam assassin. At the moment it seems to be catching about 70% of the spam, but it's still learning using the bayes filter. I`ll wait and see what happens.

28.1.2004 Had another appointment with the doctor, and the wounds are not healing too well, so I have another 2 weeks peace and quite it home. This is really starting to piss me off. Christmas as come abit late for me this year. My PC supplier has just mailed me to say that my order for the DVD burner and ASUS 9600se graphic card are ready to me picked up :)

17.1.2004 The ultra sound scan went well, it appears as if I have an infection, nothing too major :) Updated the projects page with an idea that I have to create an analoge output using PWM and a LM317T.

10.1.2004 First update of the new year, in this case 'no news is no good news'. Looks as if there are some complications from the operation, I will know more next week after an ultra sound scan.

29.12.2003 Finally gave up on the water cooled AMD, it's been giving lots of problems (I installed Windows 98 on it about 2 1/2 years ago and not done anything since). It's now running windows 2000 service pack 4. It'll take sometime until I get all the software/utilities up and running again but it appears to be stable.

14.12.2003 Gone over to using XMail, for my email server. JSMail was OK but I really wanted to go over to a Freeware mail server and XMail seems to fit the bill. Took about 2 hours to setup, all I need to do now is get Spamassasin up and running, which does not seem that easy under windows but I have time :).

12.12.2003 Picked up a US Robotics 8022 wireless router/switch/print server yesterday. The installation didn't take too long but I am very unhappy with the wireless lan part, the signal strength is really bad (I can only just about make a connection from 4 meters away direct line of sight. At the moment I am running beta bios version 4.2 (It was supplied with it). I might try downgrading to 3.1 and see if it's any better.

9.12.2003 My firewall has been giving problems for the last few weeks, so I sat down (as good as I can) and rewrote all the rules. It's now running in allow defined/disable everything else mode. As a side effect the local network seems to be alot quicker :)

7.12.2003 Got out of hospital yesterday, I've had problems with my guts for the last month and the doctors decided it was better to cut me open. Everything went well and I'm back home and now have afew weeks peace :) I've got enough to keep my busy so watch out for updates.

1.11.2003 Samantha has been complaining that the internet connection from "her" computer is very slow. I decided to have a look at the box and found that the wireless connection was very bad (20-30% signal strength), so I replaced the compaq WL100 with a US robotics 22Mbs card and the signal strength is now between 50% and 80%. At the same time I increased the CPU voltage to 1.55Volt and the FSB to 120MHz for a 1300MHz CPU.

20.10.2003 I have decided to get rid of speedfan, although it could control the speed of the fan, it had major conflict problems with MBM. They caused the fan to stop running, the CPU temperature rose to 50c then the system shut itself down.

18.10.2003 Speedfan seems to be working quite well apart from a small problem, it looks as if it is conflicting with MBM, when trying to read the SMB bus. Looks as if I'll have to get back to work on the fan bus controller. I was hoping to avoid doing anything and just use speedfan.

17.10.2003 Not done much in the last few weeks. Too much to do at work, the monitoring project is getting close to version 1.0 which means alot of paper work, the company has already sold 5 copies :o. Back to more important things, I have just installed speedfan on the water cooled AMD, the box is now almost silent :). You can see the results here.

13.9.2003 Finally got round to fixing the seti status perl script. Berkeley changed the workunit header to include extra information for the reobservation units, which caused the script to pull the wrong information out of the file. The fixed script can be seen here.

17.8.2003 Spent the last 2 weeks on holiday in England (Almost No PC Access, except for in an Internet Cafe or on mothers DELL). After getting back I decided to rebuilt the Water cooled AMD, although the cooling system worked well I decided to use a 120mm fan/ 180mm radiator, Eheim 1048 pump (Rather than the 1046 that I was using). After spending almost one day with a dremel the case was ready. You can see the results here.

26.7.2003 Freddy (Yvonnes Father) had his 75th birthday last week and we organised a suprise for him. The pictures are here.

25.7.2003 Yvonnes web site is still not up, it looks as if the DNS server at my provider has gone bottom up (or the company). Need to have a look around for a different one :)

10.7.2003 Looking at my server logs I saw several hits comming from here. Talk about an insult, French me baa.

26.6.2003 Decided to do something for yvonne for a change. She has asked me several times "how do you make a web page?". The simplest solution (or the most fun) was to set up a new host on my server, screw about with the DNS records,VHOSTS settings in apache. The result will be here.

22.6.2003 Made some more changes to the AVR software, cgi controller script. After some more testing I'll update the webcam page. Started to think about the next project. I think it'll be a fan bus controller. Consisting of :- 1) LCD Display2) 2/3 Temperature probes3) Serial port4) Several FAN outputs5) Custom SW link to MBM. The progress will be documented here (Project number 7)

18.6.2003 Optimized the software abit more, it's now down to 1944 bytes even though I have added a new function - a software watchdog that resets the CPU if it crashes.

17.6.2003 Updated the software on the AVR controller and the servos are now 100% stable, a watchdog LED is included. The code is now 2004 bytes in size, down from 2032 bytes, abit of hand optimization always help. :) There are also a new two functions -1) Switch on output for X seconds then switch it off.2) Servos reset to the mid position after 200 seconds with no user activity.

15.6.2003 The new servo controller is now online see here for more information.

12.6.2003 The project AVR web cam is now up to the point were I can go live :) I have a new version of the CGI servo software, a finished board (which you can see here. I will try to get it online this weekend.

8.6.2003 Started working on the ISP (In Circuit Programmer), it actually not that hard, if you have an external power supply for the AVR you only need 3 resistors. Will try to build it and when it's finished it's page will be here.

6.6.2003 The AVR controller is coming along quite well. The software side of the system is now up and running, having some problems with the timimg for the servo's. Servos need a pulse of between 1 and 2 ms every 20ms, the length of the pulse corresponds to position of the servo. I can get the servos to move but they jitter abit. I also have problems with the power supply - a servo can pull upto 750ma @ 5Volt when moving which is abit to much for my current power supply.

31.5.2003 Project 6 now online,it's I/O an Controller with a serial interface. It can control several servos, drive several digital outputs, read several inputs under the control of a PC. You can see it here.

26.5.2003 Had a bad day at work, spent most of the time checking an audit trail generated during a software test. Had to do something better when I got home, so I decided to have another go at the serial interface for the AVR and heres the result The problem was all in the software. You have to tell the compiler the crystal frequency (for the CPU) and the baud rate you want so that it can calculate the correct divider. I forgot a 0 for the crystal frequency. So the serial port was running as 96000 Baud rather than 9600 :) I'll put up a picture of the board I built when I have abit more time :)

16.5.2003 2 updates in one day :o. Yvonne as a new set of Owls and as always they are in the internet. You can see then here.

16.5.2003 Someone tried to hack into my server, They didn't get that far. The first of all tried the FTP server - nothing. They then tried the HTTP server - nothing. They then gave up trying to be clever and attacked the web cam (150 commands to move the camera in 2 minutes), all they managed to do was to cause the microprocessor to go mad for awhile. It stopped accepting commands from the server. After about 5 minutes it came back to life by itself :) Plan to change the code on the server and the new microprocessor controller that I'm working on.

16.4.2003 Found and fixed a security leak in my apache configuration. My private MP3 collection was open to the internet. The hole is now closed. People looking for MP3's can mail me explaining why that's not fair

15.4.2003 TUX mouse is now finished, have a look at it here

12.4.2003 Still waiting for the blue LED's for the TUX mouse. Installed a DVD in the water cooled AMD and a new graphic card. The graphic card is an ATI 9000pro. Benchmarked the old MX440 with 2001SE and got 2512 benchmarks, with the ATI I now get 8416 which is a abit better :) Still no were near the 11000 of pascal :( Need to overclock the hell out of this one, and that means water cooling :) (here we come project number 5).

9.4.2003 Started working on a web server written in VB that directly supports the web cam, and the SSCII servo controller. The idea is to have a java script with 2 scroll bars that control the position of the web cam. Although I've only spent one lunch break working on the code but socket open/HTML get function already works. I only need to get the VFW and the CGI/Servo control working. I think the hard bit will be the java code (I've never had to program in java before).

5.4.2003 Fixed the guestbook, the link pointed to my old provider :o

4.4.2003 Added afew pictures to computers->portable page. Got a new Tux mouse from the children for my birthday

30.3.2003 Added a new page to Yvonnes pages. Having some problems with the servo controller. The processor sometimes resets for no reason

25.3.2003 Installed HCAM on the server, I can now stream the video signal. Also modified the electronics, I'll make some pictures when I have more time.

17.3.2003 Added the webcam projects 1-3, updated the pictures on the water cooled AMD

8.3.2003 The radi is water tight (had afew leaks , but they are fixed). System is now up and running (Yvonne is surfing) so I'll make some pictures later

6.3.2003 Started working on an update for the web cam hardware. I hope to get it so that the camera cam pan (180deg) and tilt (45deg). Also got a new radator for the water cooled AMD, what I have at the moment works but it doesn't look to goodHope to install it this weekend, if there aren't any leaks :o

2.3.2003 Installed a FTP server on the server.This will allow me to upload the temperatures for all machines to the server.Installed MBM & MBM log on the water cooled AMD and the childrens machine

1.3.2003 Updated all the computer information Added a link to the childrens pictures they they can edit so that they can try abit of HTMLFixed a typo in the webcam/projects page

23.2.2003 Rebuilt the children's computer (Only Samantha uses it now)

22.2.2003 Rebuilt my (Yvonne's) computer, it's now a water cooled athlon

20.2.2003 My internet connection was down most of the week :( Someone played with the wiring in the house and killed my connection. When I find out who it is there's going to be ......

15.2.2003 Built a new PC for Pascal (he now has his own appartment). It's almost his dream machine, it's only missing a DVD burner and a CD burner. Go to the computer page to see more

24.12.2002 Just installed a "new" scanner on the workstation, it's a A3 SCSI job. Huge but what do you expect for A3 :). I have now no reason not to include code pictures of France (apart from no time)

8.12.2002 Last week was a bad week. Killed the Tyan when trying to mount the new heatsinks. I can't see any damage to the board be it just doesn't want to start :( So I replaced it with a MSI K7D, which I wanted to do sometime anyway but not so quickly

22.11.2002 Webcam is now running from a 12volt power supply.

17.11.2002 The webcam is now fully functional.
- Created a projects page to document the silly ideas I have and how I realise them. - Fixed some silly spelling mistakes

9.11.2002 Finally got round to updating the web site.
- OC Search machine now has its own web page
- Reviews section is gone, replaced by the Silly page
- Each link in the computers page opens a page with more pictures
- Each link in the family page opens a page this is done by the family member and as such I don't have any control as to what they do
- Internal changes for the web can control software/hardware (pan&tilt for the web cam)

1.5.2002 One year later
For all you looking for the FDSE language patch you can get it here

20.4.2001 Finally got the ASUS motherboard working, never trust a sales man, I ordered and paid for a P2B-F but got a P3B-F with a sticky label over the board name! As to the question how do you reprogramm a BIOS thats UNKNOWN the answer is very simple and very complex at the same time.  "All" you need to do is boot a motherboard with a good bios, swap the bios chips, while the system is running then flash the BIOS using UNIFLASH.

27.3.2001 Trying to Update the Workstation to a Coppermine 700 (Overclockable to 900+ MHz) using a ASUS P2b-F & S370-DL Slockel.  Reprogrammed the BIOS to Version 1013a as described in the ASUS web page. The system still boots but says that ESCD cannot be written I'am in contact with ASUS (Can any speak Tiwanisch?). Maybe I need to reprogram the BIOS again but how? AFLASH says the bios type is UNKNOWN and dies :{. Does anyone have any ideas?

26.3.2001 Yvonne produced a lovely one today. On reading an email about Flash Memory programming she tried to translate it into German... AND I quote:-  Flash Memory = Blitz erinerung = Thunder Memory

24.2.2001 Finally got round to updating my web page :} There's too many changes to list them all.

22.2.2001 Started looking for a new webcam software. Tried several different programms and decided to use netsnap