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31.12.2006 Happy new year everyone.

29.12.2006 Started playing with my new digital camera, and the thing is incredable.
The picture quality is very good, it supports still images, videos and yes MP3's. Yep thats right I can fill it with music for my long journeys. And if thats not enough it also plays AVI&WMI videos on the small display.

28.12.2006 Spent the last few days in France in the "slow lane".
Yvonne gave me a new digital camera for christmas and I gave her a set of books that she wanted, but she thought were impossible to get.

21.12.2006 The spammers have won. I've now switched off the guestbook, old entries are still visible but adding new ones is disabled.

9.12.2006 Just installed a new printer on my network. The old one (HP3820) was starting to get abit long on the tooth.
Yvonnes has been going on at me for sometime to get a multi-function device (Printer,Scanner and Copier) but for me it had to support all there functions through a LAN interface (not just USB).
Anyway HP have just brought out such a device so I have one now. All I can say at the moment is that I'm very impressed with the hardware but the software is crap. Why does the complete install for the driver need almost 1Gb harddisk space?

6.12.2006 Installed the new harddisk today. The RAID array is currently being rebuilt at the moment, it's taking a long time (7hours to rebuild a 1.2Tb array).

5.12.2006 Picked up a new harddisk today. Maybe I'll get round to installing it tomorrow.

2.12.2006 Thank god for RAID5. One of the harddisks in the 1Tb array has gone bad. It's been making strange noises for several days (I could never pin point were the noise was comming from) and today it finally died.
I'll RMA it this week and buy a replacement aswell.

1.12.2006 Started cleaning up the wiring my office/server room. It started when I tried to replace the main switch with a gigabit one and had to give up as the wiring was such a mess.

26.11.2006 The server will be down tonight for a couple of hours. My ISP needs to make afew changes to their network.

19.11.2006 The upgrade went OK. I seem to be having DNS problems again.

18.11.2006 planet-ian is going to be down tomorrow night for afew hours. Several routers at my ISP are going to be upgraded.

15.11.2006 I'll be spending the next few days at home. Working on the atmel board for the company. I think I've found the problem with the old one.
I'm now using different operational amps, and they don't seem to be oscilating at all.

8.11.2006 nr.2 Upgraded spamassassin to version 3.1.7, I've now got the installation down to about 1 minute.

8.11.2006 Took a day off work today as we had several "vistors".
The first set of visitors replaced the door bell.
The second set replaced all the wiring for my TV/Radio and internet connection.
It took sometime to get the internet connection back up and running due to different "standards" when it comes to plugs.Luckly I have a box full of cables and one of them worked.

5.11.2006 Cleaned the server yesterday, it's amazing how much dust can collect in such a short time. I also fixed a couple of dead LED's on the network VU meter.

3.11.2006 During the last update to the webserver I also made several changes to the directory structure. This produced quite afew "broken links". I've spent the last few days finding and fixing them. Well I didn't actually find them myself, I used xenulink to scan looking for bad links.

28.10.2006 The web server has been using increasing amounts of bandwith (I seem to getting more visitors so thats normal).So I decided to add on the fly compression to apache. After afew problems with it, it seems to be working correctly now. I just need to wait abit to see if it makes a difference.

22.10.2006 I've still got far too much to do at work to be able to do anything here. Hopefully it'll get better in afew weeks

8.10.2006 Looks as if I need to build a new board. The decoder chip I used isn't ideal for the job. Ok shit happens.
Upgraded spamassassin to version 3.1.6, took 2 minutes and went without any major drama.

3.10.2006 Things are going really pear shaped at the moment. The atmel board that I built for work isn't working correctly and I've got no idea whats wrong.

30.9.2006 Wow just broke 9000 visitors on Not bad for my corner of the internet.
Didn't get a chance to test out my new company project, maybe next week.

28.9.2006 I'm still alive and kicking. Works taking about 130% of my time at the moment. The project I'm working on for the company is getting very close to completion. I still have afew days of hard work then we can start testing it (Blowing things up if my calculations are incorrect).

17.9.2006 I've given up and added a spam filter to the webcam code. It's not that clever but it works.

14.9.2006 I don't bloody believe it, the spammers have started spamming the AVR camera.

10.9.2006 At the moment I'm in work overload mode at the moment. There won't be many updates for the next few weeks.

3.9.2006 Part three, yvonnes happy but I'm not. Outlook doesn't work for me anymore, or better said my handcrafted rules send all my emails somewhere, but I can't find where and I can't edit the rules.

2.9.2006 nr.3 Part two of the update is almost completed, Windows XP is now installed and running and Yvonne is happy. She's typing way like a mad man at the moment and not a single thing to complain about.

2.9.2006 nr.2 Part one of the update is completed, the new CPU is installed and running. Windows 2000 only seems to be seeing one core but it's running at 2400MHz at about 40c under full load.

2.9.2006 Yvonne has finally won. I'll be upgrading the AMD (Her PC) sometime soon. Yvonne want's the newest version of Microsoft messenger, which only runs under XP so I'll be installing it as well as a new Dual core CPU. I don't really need a dual core system but as socket 939 is going out of fashion it's better if I buy one now.

1.9.2006 Looks as if the stability problems with the server are solved. It's been up now almost 20 days with problems.

28.8.2006 Everythings back to normal now. It looks as if quite afew people have been hit by this shutdown, had over 400 domains on their books. I wonder how the other people are coping?
I've had a look at some other domains that were hosted by them and their all still down.

24.8.2006 The DNS changes still havent reached all server. Several systems are refusing to accept emails from me as my domain doesn't "resolve".

23.8.2006 nr.3 Everythings back to normal. If you need a DNS/name server pop over to zoneedit. Their service is wonderful and the prices aren't too bad, this is one of the few internet only companies that I can recommend.

23.8.2006 nr.2 Wow only 4 hours after changing the name servers this site is already visible from the internet, I was expecting it to take 1-2 days for the changes to take effect.
I Still have to make some changes (the whole site is running over my home server so it might be abit slow) but atleast I exist again.
If your looking for a good DNS/name server provider go over to, the guys there are really helpful and the service is execelent (Yvonnes domain has been running through them for over a year now without any problems).
I'm currently using the free service from them but I'll buy some credits soon so support them.
The best thing is that you can control/edit the DNS records yourself through a simple web interface, it's abit slow sometimes but it works and thats worth more than enything else.
The following servers are now reachable:-,, as well as, and they all point to the same IP address but with the apache vhosts magic you'll see different web pages.

23.8.2006 Looks as if have gone bottom up, their telephone number has been cut off. The last time their DNS servers went down I requested that my contact information was added to the DNS record. I'm happy that I did this as I was able to redirect all DNS queries to a different name server. It should only take about 1-2days for things to get back to normal.

22.8.2006 This is getting really silly. I've spent the last week trying to contact SUITE.NET and have not got anywhere, OK looks as if they've lost a customer.

20.8.2006 I'm starting to get really pissed off. It looks as if my DNS provider SUITE.NET has got bottom up.
I've been trying to contact them for almost a week and nothing works, no email, no fax and the telephone answering machine just says "Band Full". I think I'm going to look for a new company.

18.8.2006 The DNS problems are getting worse. It looks as if someone has tried to hijack my domain. Hopefully I can solve the problems this weekend.

16.8.2006 Having some DNS problems at the moment. It looks as if isn't accessable from the internet.

12.8.2006 It looks as if my computer room is the perfect environment for cacti. Another one is flowering. You can just about see it on the webcam.

7.8.2006 On an empty disk you can see for ever.

6.8.2006 nr. 2 How long does it take for windows to format a 1Tb harddisk? It's been running for almost 30minutes now and still isn't finished.

6.8.2006 Finally got the system to boot with the RAID controller and Harddisks installed. I'm now formatting the "drive" at this moment.

5.8.2006 The harddisks are now installed (4x400Gb) along with the RAID controller. The problem I'm now having is that the system won't boot from the old harddisk as it thinks it should boot from the RAID array, which isn't formatted, AHHH.

5.8.2006 The shutdown might take abit longer than I expected. It looks as if I need to upgrade the raid controllers BIOS before I can start. And the problem is... Does anyone out there have a boot floppy disk.

4.8.2006 Part one of the server upgrade is completed. The raid controller is installed and configured. I'll be picking up the hard disks, ram and..... tomorrow.

3.8.2006 The server will be down tomorrow/this weekend for several hours for a "major" upgrade.

2.8.2006 Nice long weekend in France. I didn't managed to get everything done that I wated to, but atleast I've built the new motor mounting blocks.
The temperature has also dropped abit which is nice.

23.7.2006 It's still too hot to do anything.
I'll be going to France next weekend for a long weekend, and if things go well I should get the alignment for the drive threads/motor coupling sorted out.

16.7.2006 Just tested the stepper motors with a 24volt supply, the difference is incredible. I can now drive the stepper motors at atleast 2.5KHz. At that speed I can move at (1.2mm*(2500/400))=7.5mm second.

14.7.2006 It's stil hot here.
Upgraded spamassassin to version 3.1.3 and PHP to version 5 yesterday. It's too hot to do anything else.

11.7.2006 Looks as if sommer is really here now. They are talking about up 33c today. I've reduced the folding speed on my systems just incase.

9.7.2006 nr 3. Had to shutdown the server today for sometime due to over temperature. The case fan stopped running for some unknown reason.

9.7.2006 nr 2. AHHH 0.3mm, yep the holes for the motor coupling are 0.3mm too small. I'll have to drill them out sometime, the problem is that the hole needs to be exact (difference less than 0.1mm).

9.7.2006 Just got 3 new motor couplings from ebay. If I get the chance I'll mount them and test them today.

8.7.2006 nr.2 To get a detailed picture of planet-ian (link in the previous post) you need to click on the link twice. The first time you'll only see an overview, the second time you'll actually see the house.

8.7.2006 Got abit bord today and went over to googlemaps, and found this. For all of you interested in knowning were planet-ian is, you should have a look.

2.7.2006 Project XYZ works!! I've finally got everything together and it moves in all directions using the manual control. I've mounted new motors for the X and Y axis (just using wooden blocks at the moment). I'll bang up a new project page today.

28.6.2006 nr.2 Looks as if everything survived the blackout.

28.6.2006 Oh it's very dark here, everything is switched off (apart from my portable/internet router, but thats next on my list).

26.6.2006 OK the entire network is going to be out of action on the 28th from about 7am until 7pm.

25.6.2006 I've just been informed that the electricity company needs to do some work on the mains, in the next few days. So sometime soon the whole network will be down for a day or so.
More info when I've got it.

24.6.2006 Built the board and tested it, no difference. Looks as if the stepper motors just don't like being driven from my controller. It's not too bad,I've picked up some larger/more powerful stepper motors on ebay for a very good price.

23.6.2006 Looks as if I'm going to have to mod the stepper motor controller board. The singing noise from the steppers comes from the chopper circuit it's using (20KHz). If I get the chance this weekend I'll build a small PCB with a resistor and a trimpot that'll allow me to adjust the frequence between 17KHz and 30KHz.

22.6.2006 Still having problems with the stepper motors (their still singing). I've tried almost everything I can think of, so now it's in the hands of the experts.

20.6.2006 Had a problem with the server last night. Sorry if it was unavailable for you. I'm not sure what was wrong, it just stopped responding the the network.

19.6.2006 Humm, I've just tried a diferent stepper motor and it doesn't buzz. The only difference between the new and the old motor is the cabling. I'll try making new cables tomorrow.

18.6.2006 nr.3 Looks as if I've got a problem with the stepper motor controller. When the motors are not moving they make a high frequency "buzzing" noise.

18.6.2006 nr.2 Wow after almost 3 months of playing about/picking up bits I've finally got everything together. And drum roll please IT MOVES in all directions !!!

18.6.2006 Started working on the new controller.The choppers are now configured (0.7a/phase), I just need to wire up 2 new motor cables and connect it to the mega32.

17.6.2006 Spent most of yesterday working on a manual control for project XYZ. The software for the mega32 is now ready for the "real world".
The camera was hammered yesterday by over 30 visitors and the MSN search bot. It looks as if the searchbot got stuck in a endless loop moving the camera between 4 different positions. I've added a block for MSN now :)

16.6.2006 Weekend atlast. It's been a long week.
I plan to put all the bits together for project XYZ this weekend and do aew simple tests. Does it actually move? Can I actually cut something? I've also been thinking about the software I need to run this thing, and have decided to try Linux/EMC.

14.6.2006 nr.2 The Z Axis is now 100% wobble free. It only took about 10 minutes to get everything setup. I also did a small test to see how "strong" the system is. I measured a force of just over 4Kg before the stepper stopped.

14.6.2006 I've found the problem with the "wobble" in the Z Axis. I need to tighten up 2 screws on Z as the mounting plate is not sitting very tightly.

13.6.2006 Picked up some M6 screws yesterday and mounted the Z axis on the Y axis. Everything fitted exactly as I hoped. The only problem is that I have about 0.5mm play in the Y axis which adds up to almost 1.5mm movement in the Z axis. I'm not sure where this movement is comming from I'll have a look at it tonight.

11.6.2006 Spent the weekend in France working on project XYZ. I'm now ready to put everything together. It's just missing one thing (M6 screws that are about 3mm longer than the ones I have. Grrrr)

8.6.2006 Back from the customers site. My new stepper controller is ready to be picked up.

7.6.2006 Back at work, and their already sending me out to a customer.

5.6.2006 Looks as if the camera crashed out on me again. USB cables aren't designed to be moved about as much as these are. I've replaced all the wiring with something abit thicker, maybe this should hold abit longer.

4.6.2006 I should be able to abit more work on the Z Axis today. I need to produce a mounting frame for the "router".
I plan to use a dremel for my first tests, and when I get some money a more powerful one.

3.6.2006 nr.2 A good friend came round with his son today. The son wanted a new PC to "play with", so after digging through my junk box we managed to build a AMD XP box, the only things that are missing is an operating system and a newish CD drive.

3.6.2006 Thinking about the server crash and what the person who rebooted the server for me by hand said. I decided to increase the time that the reset switch is "pressed" by the mega8.

2.6.2006 Spent sometime looking at the server/mega8 watchdog processor today. I haven't found anything wrong.
Also did some work on project XYZ. The Z axis is starting to take shape. I also found a new motor coupling, that works really well. All I need to find another 2 of them.

1.6.2006 Started looking into the server crash, I still have not found hat caused it. But at the same time I've updated spamassassin to version 3.1.2.

31.5.2006 Back in the country. It looks as if we had a short power cut/brownout that caused the server to shutdown. I'll have a look at the UPS tomorrow to see why it didn't cut in.

29.5.2006 Looks as if I spoke too soon. The server crashed and for some reason the watchdog mega8 that should reboot the server if it crashes , crashed as well

24.5.2006 Looks as if the stability problems with the server are solved. It's been up now for 12days.
I'll be out of the country for afew days, so don't expect many updates.

22.5.2006 nr.2 Just hit 9000 visitors on my corner of the internet.

22.5.2006 I'm very happy with the results of the new motor coupling, there is almost no "wobble" in the thread. The only problem I'm having is that at some speeds the X Axis seems to vibrate.
This could be caused by the stepper motors being "fixed" to the thread. My first idea with a plastic tube might be better. All I have to do is find some tube thats wide enough, flexible enough and affordable.

21.5.2006 Built a new controller board for the steppers yesterday. It consists of a MEGA32 (oH lots of space), A small LCD, Serial Interface, Outputs for 3 stepper motors (Using Direction/Clock on the L297), 6 Limit Switches, Joystick interface for manual positioning.
I've gone over to using an external 16MHz crystal, which means that I could drive the motors at a maximum of about 7KHz. It's more that the motors can handle at the moment, but it's always good to have some reserve.

20.5.2006 Yep I was lucky, I won on ebay :).

19.5.2006 Just seen a nice Z-Axis going cheap on ebay. If im lucky I'll get it :).
On the virus front things are silly, I'm still being hit by 10-15copies of mydoom.o daily.

17.5.2006 Did abit more work on the X axis. I've done afew tests and it looks good.
I still need to find a better way to produce the motor coupling. I think someone I know has a lath, which would make things much easier.

16.5.2006 Strange, I just borrowed a 24Volt power supply from the company. With it I should be able to drive the stepper motors at a higher speed, but it didn't make one bit of difference. Looks as if I'm going to have to check abit more.

15.5.2006 Tested the motor couplings
It looks as if the simplest one is the best.
It's just a plastic tube with a 5mm hole in one end (for the stepper motor) and a 8M thread in the other.
I've added a M4 threaded hole on the stepper motor end so that I can lock the motor in place.
All I've got to do now is find someone with a lath so that I can cut these things "exactly".

14.5.2006 Spent the weekend in France
1) Put the X axis together, using a M8 thread as the drive
2) Built new motor mounting blocks.
3) Made a new threaded block for the Y axis.
4) Made several different designs of motor coupling. I'll test them in the next few days to see which is best.

12.5.2006 I'm starting to hit the limits of the MEGA8 (too slow,not enough I/O)
The speed problem can be solved by using a XTAL (16MHz rather than 8MHz) but that would involve building a new board. If I do build a new board I might as well go over to using a MEGA32. We'll see.

11.5.2006 Looks like it's just going to be a bad week at work
I've now added a simple ramp for each motor:-
a) For the first 100 steps the motor runs at 50% from the defined speed
b) For the next 100 steps the motor runs at 75% from the defined speed
c) Then it runs at full speed
The ramp is activated whenever the motor is started or a new setpoint is sent.

10.5.2006 Added a page to project XYZ with a few images oscilloscope
Also rewrote the mega8 code to use a 0.1ms timer for generating the pulses. Now each stepper motor can be run at different frequency.
In halfstep mode I can run the motors at 2.2KHz in fullstep at 1.1KHz.

9.5.2006 Another bad day at work. This time I sat down and thought about the problems I'm having with the stepper motor controller. After abit of playing about I realised that:-
1) The powersupply I'm using was abit too small. Using a PC powersupply with 10A solved that one.
2) The stepper motor still wasn't very powerful. So I wired a amp meter to the PSU.
The controller board (Atmel M8,LCD, stepper controller and stepper motor) were only drawing about 200ma.
Adjusted the pot to about 2K and now it's drawing 600ma.
On a positive note I'm now able to run the motor at 2KHz up from about 800Hz before.
I'll still unpack the oscilloscope to see exactly whats going on. For 1A/Phase the POT should be set for about 1K.

8.5.2006 Had a bad day at work today, so I decided to do abit of metal work, started working on a mounting frame for the Z Axis.
After about an hour of sawing/filling I felt much better.

7.5.2006 nr.2 OK. I definitely have a problem with the controller board. I read up abit on the driver chip and at 1A it should get quite warm but on my board it's cold. I'll unpack my oscilloscope tomorrow and have a look at the chopping circuit.

7.5.2006 Just made a new motor coupling. It doesn't look that nice, but it's working very well.
I've also found a problem with the stepper motor controller/stepper motor.
Even though I've setup the controller for 1A per phase, I don't think the motor is really getting that much current. As the controller uses chopping to control the current I can't measure is at the moment to check whats really going on.

6.5.2006 The bipolar motors are looking good. I'm having some problems with "binding" ie the motor sticks at some angles. The problem appears to be with the coupling between the motor and the thread. If it's out by more than 1-2mm the motor doesn't run smoothly. I'll try and work on it tomorrow.

1.5.2006 Done afew tests with the bipolar stepper controller with the Mega8. The results are looking good. At the moment I'm getting about 400steps per mm.

30.4.2006 The server upgrade went without any major problems. It just took a long time to copy almost 200Gb of videos from one harddisk to another.
One day I'll have to upgrade to a full RAID 5 controller with 3-4Harddisks for atleast 1Tb space.

29.4.2006 nr.3 The server will be down for abit. I've just run out of disk space. I knew this would happen so I purchased an extra 300Gb drive but never got round to installing it :).

29.4.2006 nr.2 Noticed that the computers page is abit out of date so I've updated it. I'll update the pictures abit later.

29.4.2006 OK for all of you who haven't guessed it already, project XYZ is a sort of CNC system. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to make with it, but I'm having fun building it which is more important than anything else.

28.4.2006 Finished putting together the stepper controller. It took abit longer than I expected, as the power diodes just didn't want to fit. I had to redrill the holes in the PCB as they were just abit smaller than the diode's leads.
OK you get what you pay for.

25.4.2006 nr.2 The stepper motor controller has turned up. It's just a bag if bits and a PCB at the moment, but it should only take afew hours to solder it together tomorrow night.

25.4.2006 I'm going to try and mount X today. I've got most of the bits I need for it (apart from the stepper motor controller grrr.).

24.4.2006 Using the crappy setup (M6 thread and an old ripped stepper motor) I'm able to get 20000 steps per 211mm or 0.01055mm per step. It's actually looking really good at the moment.

23.4.2006 nr.2 Just hit 8000 unique visitors on Not bad for my corner of the internet.

23.4.2006 I'm still waiting for the stepper controller parts, they should be delivered next week. In the mean time I've built a simple controller using a ULN2803A and a unipolar stepper motor that I ripped out of a inkjet printer. The motor isn't very strong but it enough to move things.
I'll make a small video showing things moving.

22.4.2006 Found the missing pictures and uploaded them to the server.

21.4.2006 I can't find the "missing" pictures at the moment. I'll do some more tomorrow.

19.4.2006 Woops just noticed that I added a new page to project XYZ but copied the pictures to the wrong directory. I'll update it tonight.
The virus attack continues, I'm now getting hit by MyDoom.AY. Don't you love it, even viruses get upgraded almost every day.

16.4.2006 Spending easter in France in the slow lane (max 33Kb) so not much internet at the moment.
Project XYZ is comming along quite well. X is almost working. Y&Z souldn't take too long.

12.4.2006 Looks as if there is a new virus going about. The email server has been hit by about 20 copies of MyDoom.O in the last few days.

9.4.2006 Did abit more work on project XYZ this weekend. I always loved working with metal and this is a perfect chance to improve my skills.
Hopefully the last few bits should turn up this week, I ordered them 2 weeks ago and the supplier said that delivery would be within 10days.

7.4.2006 Got afew more bits for project XYZ today. Hopefully the rest will come next week as I'm planning to spend easter locked away in a corner trying things out.

6.4.2006 I don't know whats going on with the weather at the moment. Two days ago I was walking about in a t-shirt now we have several cm snow.wierd.

3.4.2006 AHHH. Another reason why I hate helping people move house. Sammi returned some tools that I lent her, and guess what. Yep there was a torx T50 in the box.

2.4.2006 nr3. Finally got round to taking some pictures of project XYZ. It doesn't look like much at the moment but it's comming along well.You can see the pictures here.

2.4.2006 nr2. Just got a nice late birthday present from my ISP. They've just increasd by bandwith to 4000/400 and the web server space to 100Mb. So expect some new pictures very soon.

2.4.2006 Sometimes I love living in Switzerland, sometimes I hate it.
Yesterday I hated it. For project XYZ I need a T50 torx with a "long neck", this is considered to be a profesional tool and you can't buy them in normal DIY shops. You can buy them in Germany or EBAY but I need it now, not in 1-2 days. AHHH.
As you can imagine I'm abit pissed off as I can't get any further this weekend.

1.4.2006 I've now got most of the bits for my new project, or atleast enough that I can start :). I've also decided on a name, and it's (drum roll please)... "Project XYZ".
I don't know if it's possible to do what I want, but the idea behind most of my projects is to learn something new. And with this project I'll have to learn alot. I'll bang up some pictures of some of the bits that I've already collected this weekend.

31.3.2006 Oh it's my birthday today. Thanks to everyone for reminding me.

29.3.2006 I think I've finally found the problem with the server. To decode MIME encoded email in the virus scanner I used MIMEQP, and this seems to go mad sometimes and lock the system up hard.F-Prot seems to be able to decode the emails without it, so I've just disabled it.

26.3.2006 Moving house is hard enough, if it's well organised. I spent most of yesterday trying to rebuild furniture that was dismantled,moved and then dumped somewhere in the new house. One piece could be in the bedroom, another in the livingroom and the screws in a bag in the kitchen. AHHHHH

25.3.2006 Sammi is moving into a new apartment this weekend and as she needs cheap labour, I'll be spending the weekend moving house.

23.3.2006 My bit collection for my new project is comming along well. For all you who mailed asking what it'll be,I don't want to say anything at the moment but I might post some pictures this weekend.
I'm actually suprised how many people actually read this on a regular basis.

21.3.2006 F-prot it back up and running again. I reinstalled SP2 and about 20Mb of microsoft patches, and it now works for some reason.

19.3.2006 nr2. OK the problem isn't with perl, it's with f-prot that doesn't want to run correctly on the server. Whatever I try it crashes.

19.3.2006 Most of the perl problems are now solved. I'm still having a problem with the pure perl ZIP decompressing routine. This means that the email virus scanner cannot be updated, but I can do it manually until I find the problem.

17.3.2006 Still having some problems with the server, or better put perl. Over the years I've installed/used lots of different perl LIBs and several are still missing. So if you see a 500error from the mail server let me know.

16.3.2006 nr.2 The server rebuild last night is now finally finished. I ended up having to reinstall perl/spamassassin. At the same time I've upgraded to SA 3.1.1.
Note to Ian - backup the server sometime soon :)

16.3.2006 Killed the server last night. I did an OS update which caused real problems. During the update the system said it needed to update the SATA raid controller, so I said OK. Unfortunatly the update only deleted the driver but didn't install a new one so it left me with an unbootable system grrr.

11.3.2006 Started collecting bits for my next project. I won't say more than that at the moment. But it will be something completely different.

5.3.2006 It's been snowing for the last few days. We now have about 20cm snow everywhere and really cold, so no playing with Atmels at the moment :)

26.2.2006 AHH, as the weather was starting to get better I decided to re-install my workshop, and guess what. Yep It's started snowing.

25.2.2006 I used the outage yesterday to upgrade the server abit. I've been slowly running out of disk space on the data drive so I've upgraded it to a 160Gb drive that I had laying about. That should keep me going for afew months :)

24.2.2006 Had to move the camera today as we have workmen comming to fix the blinds. So don't be suprised if you see a shocked swiss man today:)

15.2.2006 Found an interesting site today, lots of electronics information.

11.2.2006 Things are very quite on the web front at the moment. I've got far too much work on at the moment to have time to do anything else.
I plan to finish off the mega8 controller thats installed in the server this weekend but that's about it.

28.1.2006 The mega8 board is back on line. I've made afew changes to the hardware/software in the last few days. The temperatures are now accurate to about +-1c from 10-50c.

26.1.2006 The server crashed last night, unfortunately the mega8 monitor board was shutdown (it's actually sitting on my work bench in pieces waiting for a new power connector).

23.1.2006 Made afew changes to the folding status script here. The completion time isn't 100% but it's close enough

16.1.2006 Updated the xmail scripts for spam/virus scanning as I found a small problem with some versions of perl.
The mega8 fanbus board is back on line at the moment but I'll do some more work on it soon.

7.1.2006 Weekend atlast, first week back after the holidays was really hard.

1.1.2006 Back online again.
Happy new year everyone.