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19.12.2007 Just started to have a look at running another Linux box at home. This time it'll be a MythTV system using what ever bits and pieces that I find laying around. Maybe I should create a seperate page for it, Here might be a good place for it.

15.12.2007 The new fiber seems to have made a huge difference. Even Yvonne has noticed that "her internet" is quicker.

5.12.2007 My ISP has just replaced the fiber link to my house, lets see if it's any quicker.

4.12.2007 The problems with the DOS attack have been solved. An old router that I used for some tests along time ago ended up connected to the internet, but my email address what still in the configuration, and due to a configuration error it spent almost all of it's time sending SOS messages.

24.11.2007 Sorry if this site has been abit slow for the last few days. I seem to be the target of a DOS attack (1 email every 20-30 seconds, all the same text but comming from different IP addresses). I've added a ipfilter chain to block the IP address range thats giving me all the problems. Lets see what happens.

10.11.2007 Returned the "dead" 500Gb harddisk to my supplier today, and guess what they gave me a replacement on the spot. Now thats service.

27.10.2007 Just transfered and updated the server to Ubuntu 7.10. I've replaced the boot drive with a 80Gb as the old one kept on powering down/clicking.

25.10.2007 Just got back from a weeks holiday in Rhodos. For some reason the server decided it was time to play silly buggers with me. All hard disks vanished until I rebooted, and just entered/saved the bios.
Don't ask me what happened but it seems to be working again.

30.9.2007 I've been having some problems with the bandwidth on the server. The web server has been hit really hard in the last few weeks.
I've now enabled on the fly compression enabled for almost all file types. Lets see how it goes.

18.9.2007 Sammi is happy with her Acer Aspire 5570z running under XP. I've uploaded the drivers to here.Note you need to manually load the modem driver through the add hardware,modem,Other/Have disk.

15.9.2007 Sammi got herself a portable for the "school". She purchased an Acer 5570z but it runs under Vista, so guess what, yep I've got the job of installing XP and getting all the hardware working.
I've already got the Graphic/Sound/Lan/Wlan up and running the only thing left is the modem which is causig me all sorts of problems
Alot of people can't get the Wlan card working under XP but using a "patched" development driver from the chipset manufacturer I got it working. When all the drivers are working I'll upload them to the internet.

10.8.2007 Enabled another domain on my server. The son from a neighbor wanted a "clan hompage" like Pascal so I've banged up another one. You can see the results here.

1.8.2007 I have afew days holiday now. We'll be spending some of it in France.
I plan to do abit more work on project Blue Water.

22.7.2007 End of an era, I've finally killed the avrweb cam. I tried repairing a bad solder joint and since then it's dead.

14.7.2007 My health is slowly improving. The therapy seems to be working but it's a very slow and costly process.

7.7.2007 The webcam is down. I'm having some problems with USB support in Linux.

1.7.2007 The webcam is up and running, sort of. The colours aren't correct and sometimes it displays rubbish but the "simple" version is working. I need to get the java version of the webpage but it's a start.

1.7.2007 As I've not said anything about my health for a while, I'll let you know that the doctors have found what the problem is and they're treating me for it.
I'm actually doing quite well, I still have some pain but it's getting better.

29.6.2007 Fixed a couple more links on the site. Linux is case sensitive while windows isn't.

25.6.2007 The small problems (webcam etc) could actually be a bigger problem. I can't seem to find a way to install video4linux.

24.6.2007 The new linux server is now online. Almost everything is working. I'm only having problems with:-
The webcam isn't working
The network connected LCD doesn't always work.
Once every 2-3 days spamassassin "ignores" an email.

23.6.2007 I've started to dismantle the old server. Before I start I still need to backup some files.

22.6.2007 The linux box is now running my site. Afew things aren't running correctly but I'm working on it.

16.5.2007 My PC supplier made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So now I have a new Quad C2D system,2Gb ram, ASUS P5B plus Vista. I've decided to try and get Linux installed and use it as my new server.
I'll create a webpage here is list my progress/problems.

11.5.2007 My health is OK at the moment, the pain therapy seems to be working. There's still good chance that I'll be operated on to solve the problems 100%.

6.5.2007 Spent the weekend in France. I've now sprayed and sealed the case. Most of it's looking good. I'm thinking about having another go at the front of the case. It looks OK but I'm not realy happy with it, some bits are abit rough and the colour isn't even GRRR.

4.5.2007 Just installed samba on the linux "box". I do't really need it but if it's there why not.
I'm starting to think about a new server and maybe I'll go over to running linux on it.
I'll still need a windows VM for afew programs that I've got that only run on windows but Win98 would be enough.

1.5.2007 Spent the weekend in France. I've just started sanding down the case and getting ready to spray it. I've done afew "test sprays" and it's looking good.

23.4.2007 Didn't get much done at the weekend. Yvonne decided to redesign the balcon and spent most of my time helping/rewiring. I've wanted to rewire the balcon for some time now but never had a really good reason. After seeing some of the wiring from the previous owner it became priority 1A.

22.4.2007 I've now bee running ubuntu in a VM on my server for almost 2weeks now and I'm quite happy with the results.
My only real gripe is that each program or deamon that I install seems to have it's own way of storing the configuration data.
I'm starting to get used to it but it's a real pain when you install something new and have to spend 30minutes reading the documentation just to find out how to configure it.

16.4.2007 I've now changed the timezome on the linux system to UTC and it looks as if it's correct now. It's not a perfect solution but it's "Good Enough".

15.4.2007 nr.2 I'm still having some problems with the time. It looks as if linux is using the wrong timezone. I'll have a look later.

15.4.2007 I'm quite impressed with the Microsoft VM/Linux combination. I've found and solved several small problems, for example the clock ran too quickly under Linux until I added clock=pit as a kernel parameter.

14.4.2007 I'm feelng good enough to start doing afew hardware mods on yvonnes new PC. I've made a new mounting block for the pump, so the the pump sits abit higher so the input to res is also higher. It's how just abit higher than the output from the rad.

12.4.2007 Installed a new template on pascals site. Lets see if this one works abit better.

11.4.2007 nr.2 Yvonne is starting to get very high tec. She already has a MP3 playing portable telephone, now she wants skype. I remember the good old days when the IT guy just said NO and that was it.

11.4.2007 Still having problems with the login to pascals site. It seems to be related to the browser. With IE7 I'm not having any problems, but with IE6 it doesn't seem to work.

10.4.2007 Still having problems with pascals site. I just performed an update to the CMS and the login function doesn't work any more.
I'll try again tonight grrrrr.

9.4.2007 nr.2 After a 12 hour hacking session I've got the system up and running almost.
Linux,Apache,MySQL and PHP are running.
All requests go to the Apache running on XP which does a proxy request to the linux VM.
I still need to get a proxy up and running for FTP but now I know how it works for HTTP it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

9.4.2007 I've now installed linux in a VM on my server. It seems to run, I'm having some problems with the ftp server and mysql, but I'm working on it.

8.4.2007 The formular the excel created for me doesn't work. After trying to get it to work for several hours I gave up and wrote a lookup table.
The code is larger than the formular version but I still have about 50% (16Kb) code space so it doesn't make much of a difference.

6.4.2007 I'm having some problems getting the script for pascal installed. It doesn't seem to like windows.
I've decided to take a break and calibrate the temperature sensors for the fanbus controller. Using the LM334 as a current source was a really good idea, the temperture to ADC value I'm getting is almost a perfect curve. I just need to bang the results into excel to get the formular.

5.4.2007 Pascal is quite into gaming and has created a "clan" with a few friends. The only problem is that they need a website that doesn't cost. Thats where I come in.
I will soon be hosting another domain on my server.
Most of the configuration is now finished I just need to load the CMS that they've decided to use.
The web site can be reached under Pascal's clan web site.

1.4.2007 I've made a change to the fanbus controller. I was having problems getting the temperature sensors calibrated using the voltage divider. I'm now using LM334 constant current sources to drive the temperature sensors and it's looking quite good.

29.3.2007 I'm doing better now, after the last few injections I'm feeling better.
Just found this while surfing pruf that software piracy doesn't pay..

24.3.2007 I'm still alive. I spent the last week at home, I'm doing better now but I just hope I won't have another "attack" like this again.

12.3.2007 I'm still alive, just not doing too well at the moment.

28.2.2007 Wow just broke 10,000 unique visitors at

27.2.2007 I've found the problem with the resovior. I used a rip saw to cut the perspex and it left several burrs which cause the perspex plates to be about 0.5mm apart. This is enough to cause a pin hole leak. I'll build a new res. in the next few days and this time I'm going to sand down the edges before I glue them together.

26.2.2007 The first tests for the resovoir for BlueWater didn't turn out too well. It appears as if there are several pin hole leaks somewhere. I'll see if I can find them, and if not I'll have to build a new one.

24.2.2007 Did abit more work on BlueWater. The res. is almost ready for a test mount. The volume is only about 160cm3 but it's mainly there to act as a bubble trap/help with filling. I'll bang up a new page tomorrow.

23.2.2007 Another doctors visit today. Although the therapy is very painful when he's "working on me", but it appears as if it's starting to work. I have less pain now and am alot more mobile (Yvonnes starting to complain that I'm walking too quickly for her)

21.2.2007 oH, the catus in the office is flowering again. Go over to the webcam and have a look, it seems to be flowering too early this year.

20.2.2007 It's incredible that I'm still getting hit by the W32/Mydoom.O@mm virus. The email virus scanner blocks it, but this virus is almost 2 years old, do some people not use a virus scanner?

18.2.2007 Since I replaced the switch with a Gigabyte one, I've had problems with the Router Monitor that sits in the living room, the communication wasn't very stable. On trying to modify the program it stopped working at all.
The problem was that I've updated my Bascom Version and the ne2000 lib, and for some reason it just stopped working.
Going through my backups I found several versions of the NE2000 lib and one of them worked. It took several hours of trying but in the end it worked.

17.2.2007 Did abit more work on Yvonnes PC. The front is comming along well, the holes from the fan and the LCD are cut and smoothed.
Today I'll start on the mounting for the fan.

11.2.2007 Started working on a new/old project. It's a new case for Yvonnes PC as the lst attempt didn't work out as planned.

10.2.2007 Spent the last 3 days at home with pins and needles in my left leg. The doctors think that the nerve is free/no longer trapped. I now have less pain and feel much better than before.

4.2.2007 nr.2 Found a small bug in the server monitor code (HWInfo), if the system is up for more than about 24days the timer goes negative (32bit value). It took abit of playing about but now it's working again.

4.2.2007 The upgrade didn't go too well. I stripped down the old PC, started mounting all the components until I got to the motherboard which didn't fit. The mounting holes are out by about 5mm so I gave up and but everything back in the old case.

3.2.2007 Feeling good at the moment, not too much pain.
Decide to work on "BlueWater" (Yvonnes PC) again. I just want to get it mounted in the new case/get the water cooling up and running.

1.2.2007 I have another appointment with the doctors tomorrow. It looks as if the treatment is starting to work, I've less pain at the moment even though I've walked quite alot in the last few days.

28.1.2007 Didn't have to shutdown the server yesterday. I've found the problem and need to wait for replacement parts.

26.1.2007 nr.2 The server might be going down for awhile today. I might need to work on the electrics in the bathroom, which for some reason is on the same fuse as the server.

26.1.2007 Had quite a fun week. I've got a couple of interesting projects at work and a very interesting one at home.
A friend of a friend managed to lock himself out of his PC, by disabling all accounts apart from his one, then forgot his password. After trying in the wrong password 3 times his account was then also locked....
It didn't take long to put together a Linux boot CD with the NTFS driver and a password cracking tool.
All in all a fun evening.

24.1.2007 First snow of the winter. It's not much but afew cm is better than nothing.

22.1.2007 Weekends are far too short. I didn't manage to do half what I wanted to do.

20.1.2007 The second therapy didn't go too well. The doctors didn't hit the nerve they wanted to, so I spent the rest of the day in pain with bits of my body numb.

14.1.2007 The first therapy went well. I had almost 2 hours without any pain. I have another sitting next thursday.

6.1.2007 I'm still having problems after my operations 3 years ago.
We've finally found a doctor who is able to treat me. The treatment doesn't sound too nice but if it stops the pain then it's worth it.