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25.5.2008My internet connection is down at the moment. It looks as if a head station at my provider has died/given up the ghost.

4.5.2008The upgrade went well, no real problems.

30.4.2008My main server will be down for afew hours over the weekend for upgrades/maintance.

24.3.2008Yvonnes computer is up and running on the balcon. I need to rebuild the cooling system sometime but I need to redo the controller board (I've found several bugs in the first one).

23.3.2008Yvonnes computer is in the process of being upgraded to a Core2Duo 4500. The AMD64 that she had was getting abit long in the tooth and started misbehaving.

17.2.2008The network re-wiring went almost according to plan. it took abit longer than planned. I also replaced the plugs on the TV cable and the picture quality it alot better.

15.2.2008Planning a major network redesign this weekend. I'll be replacing/rewiring most of the network/TV cable over the next few days. It will also involve enlarging several holes in walls to allow for more cable.

31.1.2008OK I think I understand why the system crashed with 3Gb ram.
I have memory remapping enabled in the bios so some of the memory above 2Gb is mapped into the upper (over 4Gb) address range and that is enough to cause the ATL1 driver to overwrite the wrong memory range.
There is a patched driver that only uses 32bit DMA in the 2.6.24.x kernel, but I think I'll just wait/maybe get a X1 PCIe network card.

30.1.2008The update didn't go too well. With 3Gb ram the server crashes under high network load. Back to 2Gb.

30.1.2008The server has been running for 20 days now without any problems. It's now time to update to 3Gb ram and the PVR-500.

27.1.2008I've modified the feed back loop abit. XMail my mail server is now doing a RBL lookup right at the front of the mail queue, before it gets fed into Spamassassin/Virus scanner. This has reduced the load on the server by about 50%.

24.1.2008The feed back loop seems to be working quite well.I've only received 13 spam emails (handled by spamassassin) today.

23.1.2008I've rewritten the "spam feedback loop" program so that any IP that tries to send me an email to an invalid address lands in the block loop.
I already have 570 addresses within 1 day, maybe I should also add spammers from spamassin to the list.

22.1.2008I'm getting alot of spam at the moment, so I've decided to patch my spamassassin script to put extrem spammers in the ban list for the email server, so that they won't even get accepted by the server.

21.1.2008It's looking really good. The server has now been running for 10days without a single hickup. With 4Gb ram the system would complain about memory corruption every so often.

17.1.2008Maybe I'm speaking to soon, but I have now found a possible cause of the server stability problems.
It looks as if the driver for the onboard network card (ATL1) has a problem with more that 4Gb ram. I've reduce the server ram to 2Gb (Which doesn't seem to cause any performance problems) and the system seems stable.

6.1.2008I think I've finally found the problem with the server. One of the scripts that I've written used the smbmount command and it's causing all the problems. I'll see what I can do.

1.1.2008 Happy new year everyone.