Bascom AVR/Atmel AVR

mcselec The creators of Bascom, a very fast and efficient basic compiler for Atmel AVR cpus.


The creators of the AVR series of CPU's. They have a full range of CPU's from the AT90S2313 (my webcam project) up the the Mega range that include lots of flash ram (128Kb) SRAM (4Kb) and on some models Analog inputs.


Some nice projects here, most of them are quite simple but their a good start.

Ben Zijlstra

Alot of nice AVR/network projects here. He also has some nice Compact flash drivers for AVR CPU's.


Seti@Home The one and only origional home of the seti at home project

Area51 What really happened and is happening there?

UFOs - 1 Interesting list of links A UFO search machine HUH?

Software Not much to say here, just a list of the software download sites I know

Hardware /Overclocking A very nice site with lots of very usefull reviews

Oz overclockers They've come a long way since the English deported them

OC search machine I know it's my search machine (I've not found anything better yet)


Arent A real nice guy from Sweden that I met through work

J.Hartmann Some really incredible pictures here

J.Hartmann(2) Check out these pictures they are beautiful