16.05.2007 Linux is installed but the onboard networkcard (Attansic L1) wasn't recognised by the installation routine so I installed an old 3COM pci card.

16.05.2007 Updated the BIOS and now it looks as i the network card is actually being setup by the BIOS.

17.05.2007 Manually installed the atl1 module (for the onboard network card) and it looks as is if it might work.

17.05.2007 Munin the monitoring program is now installed and running.

17.05.2007 Apache is also installed and configured for my VHOSTS.

17.05.2007 Samba is also installed and working.

17.05.2007 Rebooted the server and the onboard network card is working :).

18.05.2007 Samba is now installed and working. :).

18.05.2007 Folding is also working quite well.
I wanted to install it in a different directory than "normal" and that killed the startup scrips. I'll need to hack them together today :).

19.05.2007 Tryed to get lm-sensors up and running and managed to kill the system. Ended up doing a reinstall AHH.

19.05.2007 The reinstall went very quickly (about 14 hours) without lm-sensors.

20.05.2007 I'm now trying to get xmail installed and it's not going too well. There seems to be a bug in the ubuntu package.

21.05.2007 Decided to try and manually install xmail. I've downloaded and almost managed to compile the code (make is throwing up errors).

21.05.2007 Found that the ssl libs were missing, so I installed them and xmail compiled :).

21.05.2007 Manually installed xmail and it works :). Ok I used this as a starting point.

21.05.2007 I'll now start working on the spamassassin integration into xmail. I already have a script but it's setup for windows.

23.05.2007 Xmail is now running correctly. I had lots of problems with the configuration files as they were in dos format (CRLF).

24.05.2007 Spamassassin is now installed and the scripts are linked to xmail. I'm having a problem with the Bayes filter but I'm working on it.

26.05.2007 I've now installed spamd/spamc and am attempting to rewrite the xmail spamfilter to use spamc. I'm now at the point that the script works but xmail complains that the email is corrupt after is is processed by the script!

30.05.2007 Spamd/spamc are now integrated into xmail. I've also gone over to using a Mysql database for the AWL/Bayes data.!

31.05.2007 I've started to integrate a virus scanner (clamAV) into xmail, but I'm having problems with the script. It produces errors that it cannot access some file but I can see were in the code it's trying to access it.!

04.06.2007 ClamAV is integrated into xmail. Most of the cgi scripts are also up and running. I just need to get the raid 5 array/webcam up and running.

07.06.2007 The RAID5 array is now up and runing using 4x500Gb WD harddisks. After alot of searching I decided to use mdadm to set it up.

08.06.2007 I'm currently transfering the data from the old server to the new one. I already have over 800Gb so it's taking some time to copy.

08.06.2007 The system seems to be sending emails to root, which isn't a vaid email address on my server and no matter how I try I can't get xmail to redirect them to my account.

14.06.2007 Solved the mail problem. I just hacked a script together (called sendmail) that rewrote the rcp address to point to a local user. Lets just see how cron reacts to the change....

15.06.2007 I have several programs that talk to remote AVR's on the old server (They are written in VB). I've decided to rewrite them as a "monster demon". I'm currently playing with perl but I might end up going over to C.

23.06.2007 If you can read this the linux server is now on line and running.

23.06.2007 I've made afew changes to the system. Xmail (my mail server) is now running as non-root.

27.06.2007 Fixed a small problem in xmail. Yvonne needs more than 100Mb email space if she doesn't download her emails every week or so.

30.06.2007 I think I've solved the problem with the spam filter missing some messages. It wasn't spamassassin that was causing the problem, rather the way that xmail under linux handles the smtp for header. The windows version serializes all script calls, while the linux version calls them in parallel.Not the best explination I know but a simple explination is that the sa_filter script was being called multiple times and the copies were getting in the way of each other.

1.07.2007 Just found a really useful command "watch". It allows you to call a program every x seconds and display the output on the screen as if it was just updating rather than scrolling line for line.

1.07.2007 The webcam isn't working as expected. I keep on getting seg. fault error messages from the camserver. Not sure why but I'm working on it.

1.07.2007 Just found this in the kernel log file:-
usb 1-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 9
kernel:[166189.172625] usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
kernel:[166189.175465] ubuntu/media/gspcav1/gspca_core.c: USB SPCA5xx camera found. (TV8532)
kernel:[168550.023177] hub 1-0:1.0: port 1 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...
kernel:[168550.023201] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, address 9
kernel:[168998.907446] camserv[20484]:segfault at 00000000000001e8 rip 00002acd87f589f9 rsp 00007fff22b6d280

2.07.2007 Looks as if I've got the temperature monitoring working using msr & coretemp. It's only for the cpu temperature but it's better than nothing.

3.07.2007 Now I'll have to write a plugin for munin to monitor temperatures using coretemp, but that'll have too wait until the weekend.

7.07.2007 The coretemp plugin for munin is almost finished. I just need to tidy it up abit.

8.07.2007 The coretemp plugin is now cleaned up, and running quite well. You can see the results here.

8.07.2007 Upgraded spamassassin to version 3.2.1. Had to do it manually as the repositories were old.

13.07.2007 Just got the smartctl (harddisk monitoring munin plugin) up and running. You can see the results here.

15.07.2007 The problems with the webcam "might" be solved. I've compiled a custom kernel wih the USB_SUSPEND option set to N. Lets see how that works.

17.07.2007 Just got lm-sensors working. The kernel I was running didn't support the sensor chip so I patched the it with the updates and recompiled. I also had to manually compile lm-sensors aswell. All I need to do now is get the sensors_ munin plugin working.

20.07.2007 I've now patched the coretemp module into the kernel so that I can use the actual CPU temperature with the fancontrol demon.
Update: Although fancontrol is working I'm not really happy with the "static" algorithm that it uses to control the fan, I'm going to have a look it see if I can write a PID controller in bash :).

21.07.2007 I've made afew hardware changes to the server.
The CPU is now running with 1.1Volt (Default 1.2).
The exhaust fan is a 92mm fan.
I've removed all the metal blocking the exhaust fan.
Fancontrol is now adjusted for the changes.

22.07.2007 I've done afew more tests with the webcam (Yvonne's webcam, but don't tell her), and I'm able to get a picure out of the camera without the EMI errors. I've always had problems with the wiring for the avr camera so the problem could really be a "bad joint".
I'll heat up my soldering iron today and wireup a new USB cable and see how that goes.

22.07.2007 Replaced the fan on the back of the case with a really slow 12cm one. The server is now really quiet.

25.07.2007 Replaced the fan on the back of the case again and now I'm happy with the results. All three fans are running slowly but the temperatures are acceptable.

26.07.2007 I think it was a bad idea to replace the fan. This morning when I got up and read my emails I has over 40 warnings that the fan was running too slow. I'll install a new one this evening.

29.07.2007 Written a couple more munin plugins. It's actually quite fun writing them.
Munin provides a nice framework for handling the data and linux makes it easy to create data just using bash.

1.08.2007 I'm really happy with the way that the linux server is running. All I need to do now is get a "media server" up and running and a media player so that I can watch my video collection on the TV rather than from a PC.

5.08.2007 My server redesign where all "data" (mail,web,databases etc) all lands on the raid5 array is almost finished.
I still need to move the MySQL data but at the moment it's causing me problems.

5.08.2007 The MySQL databases are now on the RAID5 array. I'll now try and backup root to a second harddisk just in case :).

10.08.2007 Upgraded the ram to 4Gb. I had to blacklist the intel_agp driver for some reason but it's working now.

11.08.2007 Upgraded spamassassin to version 3.2.3, it only took afew minutes.

12.08.2007 Looks as if I'm getting a new UPS today. A friend got one from work and as he can't use it his giving it to me. I don't know much about it but it'll be attached to the server today and monitored by Munin.

17.08.2007 I've been getting some "PDF spam" in the last few weeks, so I've added a PDF plugin to spamassassin. Lets wait and see how it does.

19.08.2007 Found a nice program for ripping DVD's. It's still in development but it's looking good, the web page is here..

27.08.2007 Digging through my junk box I found a Logitech quickcam webcam. With abit of playing about I've got it up and running on linux using the pwc module.

1.09.2007 Broke my kernel today and ended up spending afew hours fixing it. Some update from ubuntu broke the coretemp module. After repatching the kernel everything worked again.

16.10.2007 Ubuntu are bringing out a new version of their linux distribution in afew days. I imagine I'll do a test install sometime soon. I really want to go back to a "stock" kernel rather than the patched one I'm using.

4.11.2007 One of the 500Gb drives in the RAID5 array is starting to act abit odd. It looks as if I've finally found the problems with the disks on the server. I thought that the problem was the boot drive. I'll replace it sometime this week.

19.12.2007 Just started to have a look at running another Linux box at home. This time it'll be a MythTV system using what ever bits and pieces that I find laying around. Maybe I should create a seperate page for it, Here might be a good place for it.

9.3.2008Backported the ATL1 driver from to the version of Ubuntu I'm running on the server to see if the problems with more than 2Gb ram are solved.

9.3.2008 nr 2.OK looks as if the back ported ATL1 module is working. I've just hammered the network connection (120Gb in 1Hour) and the system was stable.

13.7.2008I'm preparing the server for the "ultimate" upgrade. MythTV requires alot of disk space so I'm going to install 3x1TB drives in a RAID5 array.

29.7.2008The "ultimate" upgrade went quite well, I ended up with bit of corruption on the array. Nothing that a 3 hour fsck couldn't fix.

1.11.2008Upgraded the server to Ubuntu 8.10 today. No major problems, apart from afew broken perl scripts that use non-standard modules. It didn't take long to fix them.

8.11.2008OK, the upgrade broke the PVR-500. It didn't take too long to fix. I just downloaded/installed the bleeding edge ivtv modules.

23.12.2008Upgraded the kernel again and guess what, it broke the PVR-500 module again. I just installed the bleeding edge v4l modules again and everythings OK.