19.12.2007Mythubuntu is now installed on a junk box for me to play with.

20.12.2007I've now installed a PVR 150 tuner card. I can already watch TV in live mode, but I can change channels.

25.12.2007I now have all the chanels programmed and can record programs :). EPG is not quite working as I hoped, but I'm working on it.

26.12.2007I've now installed the myth backend/database on my server.To be able to configure it I must run an X session, which I don't really want to do on the server as it wastes resources.

26.12.2007 nr2.OK I've found out how to "export" X to another PC:-
1) Install the xauth package on the remote system (server)
2) On the local system (Myth-Frontend) start a ssh session to the server with X enabled (ssh -X -Y user@IP_address)
3) Start the mythtv-setup program (/usr/bin/mythtv-setup)
Thats all you need to do.

26.12.2007 nr3.OK I've found out how to "export" X to another PC (This time my portable, running XP):-
1) Install the xauth package on the remote system (server)
2) On the local system install the Cygwin package including the openSSH package.
3) Start an xterm session on the local system (startxwin.bat)
4) Start a ssh connection to the remote system with X redirection enabled (ssh -X - Y user@IP_address)
3) Start the mythtv-setup program (/usr/bin/mythtv-setup)
Thats all you need to do.

27.12.2007A TV cable is now installed to the office, where my server lives.
Mythweb is also installed on the server and working.
All I now need to do is install a tuner card in the server and tell the backend about it.

28.12.2007I've installed the PVR 150 in the server and configured MythTV-backend to use the card.

28.12.2007 nr2.Just recorded my first TV program on the server. The front-end doesn't see to be working correctly (it can't find the backend) but I can see the file through MythTVweb.

29.12.2007Just treated myself to a new "PC" that I'll be using as the Myth frontend.
I purchased a Core2Duo 2140, Gigabyte mATX motherboard, 1Gb ram and a Nvidia 7200 graphic card.

31.12.2007Myth-frontend is now up and running on my new PC. I can display/watch videos on the LCD display but I still haven't tried out the TV out.

31.12.2007 nr2.OK I just tried out the TV-out, I'm getting a picture but the quality isn't that good and the picture is black&white. I'll have a look at the cable.

6.1.2008Finally got the TV-out working. I ended up making a new cable and it worked first time :).

12.1.2008I've now got the remote comtrol up and working. It took abit longer than planned as my configuration (Homebrew IR/PVR 150 remote) is not directly supported by Mythbuntu.

13.1.2008I can now start the MythTV frontend from the remote control, thanks to a small PCB that monitors the signal from the IR sensor and switches the power button if it sees the correct signal.
I still need to mod the powersupply so that the board gets "standby power" but that's not too hard.

20.1.2008Modded the powersupply and everything seems to be going well.

24.1.2008I've decided to add a second PVR-150 to my backend. I've found a small problem that if you have 2 programs "back to back" it sometimes "forgets" to record the second one.
In Mythweb I see a possible conflict error but no matter what I do I can resolve it without deleting both recordings and creating them again but as "forced record".

26.1.2008I've just ordered a PVR-500 (Dual Tuner). The price difference between a PVR-150 and a 500 was so small that I decided it was better to only use 1 PCI slot and only one cable to the card rather than 2.

30.1.2008The PVR-500 (Dual Tuner) has just been delivered. Maybe I can install it this evening. As well as installing an extra 1Gb ram in the server.

2.2.2008The PVR-500 (Dual Tuner) is installed and configured. I'm having a slight problem with the signal strength, but when the system goes on-line fully I'll get rid of the Harddisk recorder which should reduce the load on the antenne.

11.2.2008MythTV in now online. I'm still having some problems with the picture quality on the PVR-500 but I'm working on it.

15.2.2008I think I've found the problem with the picture quality. One of the plugs in the antenna cable isn't the best. I'll replace it this weekend and see how it goes.

7.3.2008Replacing the cabling made an improvement to the picture quality, but it wasn't perfect.
After doing abit of reading/surfing I've found that Switzerland uses PAL-B/PAL-G. I've now changed the backend configuration to use PAL-BG and the quality "might" be better.

28.3.2008Had a boring day today, so I decided to write a munin plugin for MythTV. I can now monitor the Encoder Usage, Schedule, EPG data, Job Queue, Recorded Programs.
When I'm happy with it I'll upload it to Munin-exchange.

25.4.2008I've written a small hack plugin that allows users to play radio over a split Backend/Frontend. I'll write a small HowTo this weekend when I get the time.

1.5.2008Upgraded the MythTV frontend to Mythbuntu 8.04 this morning. Every thing seems to have gone well, I still need to update the server.

4.5.2008Upgraded the server to Ubuntu 8.04. Everything went very well, the only problem that I have is that the fancontrol script seems to "pump" the fan up and down every 30 seconds or so.

15.5.2008Just picked up a DVB-C card. I'll install it in the server over the weekend and see how it works.

16.5.2008After screwing about with w_scan/czap I've got the DVB-C card up and running. I now have 25 digital channels including 3 HD channels.
The most interesting channels are encrypted but atleast I can grab most of the channels that I watch in digital quality.

18.5.2008The DVB-C card is now up and running :) I can even get HD TV but myold analog TV/the frontend isn't up to playing it without juttering. Maybe I should run the frontend abit faster than just 800mhz.

20.5.2008I seem to have a memory leak in mythtv-backend when recording from the DVB card.

21.5.2008I've found whats causing the memory leak. There seems so be a bug in the EIT code in myth-backend.

25.5.2008Hopefully I can start a debugging session for the MythTV problem, but first I must get my internet connection back up and running.

30.5.2008After adding the DVB-C card to the server I started having problems with the EPG grabber for the remaining analog channels.

I've finally found whats causing it. It looks as if tv_grab_ch_search uses the channels config file in the .mythtv home directory.

29.7.2008My MythTV installation is now compete. I have 2 DVB-C cards and a PVR-500 installed in the server. So I can record 4 digital channels and 2 analoge ones at the same time.

17.8.2008I'm currently writing a small script that checks the MythTV daabase for errors. Once I'm happy I'll release a copy.

7.9.2008OK the script is ready for general consumption. You can grab it here.

8.10.2008Just upgraded the frontend to a E5200 (Penryn CPU). At the moment the temperatures look abit odd (coretemp doesn't support the CPU) in the .24 kernel version.

11.10.2008Just replaced the intel heatsink with a "Scythe Shuriken" it's a pain in the ass to install but the results are looking very good.

1.11.2008Upgraded the frontend to Mythbuntu 8.10.

14.12.2008My cable provider is now sending several BBC channels by DVB-c the only problem is that the EPG is only this/next. I've written a simple XMLTV grabber that grabs the data from

31.12.2008Just treated myself to a new TV. The old one was errr old. I need to get the whole thing setup but the picture quality is wonderful. HD looks really good and even the SD looks more than acceptable.

16.2.2009Just upgraded the frontend to a 9400GT graphic card in preparation for vdpau support in MythTV.
I'm actually running a 0.21 with the vdpau code backported from 0.22 and I'm really happy with the results. HD Tv now only seems to use about 5-10% CPU where as it used 60-80% before, without vdpau.
The backport from isn't official, you don't get any support, but it works for me "out of the box".

21.2.2009Replaced the fan in the PSU on the frontend. Even though it runs at max 1600rpm it's really quiet. I can't even hear it 30cm away from the case :).